What a Lamb…

What a Lamb! And no… this time I’m not talking about Paul Lamb (my friend and musician) but Isaac Lamb… a Portland actor.

On Wednesday, Lamb put together an elaborate marriage proposal with 60 plus family members and friends, a couple of “Dancing Jews” and a marching band. It is… by far… the most wonderful, adorable, sweet proposal I’ve yet to see.

I’ve watched it three times! Once just to watch the reaction of his unsuspecting now fiance as the Bruno Mars song “Think I Wanna Marry You” blares through the speakers… a choreographed dance playing out on a tree-lined street before her. One friend after the next entering the scene… including, who I can only assume… to be her parents.

It looks to me like Amy Frankel… the woman behind Isaac’s love and devotion… has little to worry about for the future ahead! She laughed… then announced her “yes” as their loved ones hilariously continued their “jazz hands” in the background!

Check out the video… grab a few tissues and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! For reference… my ex stepped in dog crap just before he got down on one knee to pop the question so many years back. Much as I found it adorable at the time… I should have seen the sign!!!

2 Replies to “What a Lamb…”

  1. Adorable isn't it!! Makes me hopeful that romance is still alive and well! Now… just gotta go find some! LOL