Faking it…

I sometimes wonder if I created my own destiny… by writing it down.

I wrote a book a number of years back… called “Faking it.” In it…I wrote of my wonderful life with my fabulous husband and supportive friend… all that was dear to me. Apparently…I was faking it…faking happy and not truly being the person I was meant to be.

It’s no best seller…in fact, it’s not been past an editor’s desk but it’s my life on paper and in the end…what I wrote…came true.

I was faking it. The husband, the friendship, the perfect life…not so much.

Oddly enough…at the beginning of each Chapter…there’s a “letter from my daughter,” living in France for a year of school… exploring the joys of life and discovering, at twenty, who she is…all that’s before her!

And here we are… flying to France on Tuesday to settle The Tall Blond into her apartment for what will surely be the most amazing year of her life. It’s coming true. The story is already written.

I know what’s going to happen.

I wrote it.

I wasted so much time trying to convince everyone that I was living in bliss that I actually started to believe it but I should have read what I’d put in pen. Should have known the words I was placing on that paper were far more truthful than the ones in my head.

I was faking it. And much as I’m terrified to write the next Chapters… it’s time I did. This time… exploring the joys of life and discovering who I am…all that’s before me…all the wonder and thrill of a new adventure.

Just as The Tall Blond did…or will do…as she heads off to France on Tuesday.