Getting organized…

I doubt Spiderman meant anything by it when he said “Hey Mom, this cupboard is a mess!”

It was true!

He’d been emptying the dishwasher…without complaint…and while putting away the salad bowl he commented how the casserole cupboard was overflowing with unorganized crap. Things that didn’t belong…thrown in from sheer laziness. Glassware stacked on top of one another…awaiting disaster.

I lay in bed last night…unable to sleep. A million things racing through my head like closets that needed cleaning, laundry that needed completing, rugs that needed washing, Euros that needed purchasing, a plane that needed to stay a-flight…and, wait a minute…

Did my boy seriously point out a cupboard that needed cleaning while I was in the middle of purging through every nook and cranny, cupboard, drawer and closet in the house in my attempt to get a grip on everything that fell apart last year while I was in school knowing I’d a limited time to get everything done and a house I wanted spit and polished before going on vacation ’cause Summer is coming to an end and the school year is rapidly approaching and I’ve got to get a grip on this stuff…and…did he really?

Oh. Yes. He. Did!

Hence, this morning, while serving him up a large plate of blueberry pancakes, I said…”Spiderman, remember yesterday when you told me the cupboard was a mess…then closed the doors and walked away? Remember?”

And as he shoved a mouthful of pancakes in his gloriously, freckled face…the hint of a grin spreading a little bit wider…he swallowed…and stated mater-of-factly….”I have a feeling I know where this conversation’s going.”

Then I said, “Yes…after breakfast, you’ve a bit of a chore to do.”

To which he responded with a chuckle and a, “Sure Mom…I’ll fix the casserole cupboard and if it’s alright with you…I’ll keep my opinion on the Tupperware cupboard to myself.”

So I responded with, “Yes son…your future wife and I think that’s probably best.”

…and there’s one more thing checked off my to-do list…in my attempt to get a few more things in order around here.

One Reply to “Getting organized…”

  1. This makes me miss you! And Spiderman. He's, we'll…he's the man!

    I'm starting to warm up to the idea of school again – sort of. kinda.