Not quite packed…

Yes… absolutely. With a “to-do list” the length of my arm, it makes absolute sense that I would sit back with a cup of tea and write a blog.

Maybe I should blog my “to-do list”… starting with:

1.) Pack clothes for France

… as the flight is tomorrow!!!

It’s true… I had all weekend… but no, I cleaned the house from top to bottom then threw The Tall Blond a Bon Voyage party!

I’m procrastinating… or nesting… or burying my head in the sand which honestly makes absolutely no sense as WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO GO TO FRANCE?

(HA! I said sand which!)

To be honest, it’s not the being IN France that’s the issue… it’s the getting TO France but as my friend Snuff points out… more people die in the bathroom than on planes which now makes me ultimately panicky about going to the bathroom on the plane!

I don’t travel well.

Did I mention that before?

I’ve not been to Europe and while the thoughts of visiting museums and artist’s venues and castles and bakeries absolutely THRILLS me… I also have to set up heat, lights, water… a bank account… cable, Internet and cell phone… all in a language I don’t understand in an apartment where the keys were supposed to arrive on Friday and still aren’t here!

I’ll enjoy my trip… I know I will… but first, I’ve got to get there… then spend a few days getting a whack of things in order so The Tall Blond can live there for a year… then maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to tour a castle and eat a pastry.

But to start with… I should probably pack my bags.