Paul Lamb Live…

It’s not easy getting in the head of a musician!

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m creative as well. Between writing and designing, I’m constantly putting things “out there” and much like a musician… understand the rejection.

It’s tough to divorce yourself from your work. There’s a saying for creative folk that you have to be able to “kill your babies.” I know… it’s a horrible quote but the thing is, we actually “give birth” to these creations whether it’s a story, a painting… a song. It takes emotional energy to create… and when we’re done, it’s hard to let go.

Multiple times I’ve sat at the Lower Deck listening to Paul Lamb perform and on more than one occasion, suggested he sing something from his new CD. But Paul knows his crowd… there for the Sweet Caroline’s, Wagon Wheels and the Sunday Mornings Coming Down… songs that have become a staple in his repertoire. He knows how to sing them… how to put the crowd in a mood. He exudes energy and radiates the room to a higher level as folks join in while enjoying a sociable or two.

But he’s much more than those covers and while it’s been several months since he compiled his original tunes on his CD “Get to What’s Real,” on Friday night he finally put them “out there.”

He showcased his babies!

At the Casino’s Harbourfront Lounge, in a packed room of friends and strangers… Paul hit the stage as part of the “New Music Fridays“… a venture with Music Nova Scotia to showcase new performers and seasoned pros.

The crowd was captivated as one original tune after the next was played… as Paul told his stories and strummed his six string. Then, as the final note was sang and he grinned his grin… it didn’t surprise me that they rose to their feet in appreciation of the new material that Paul had been keeping to himself.

Congratulations my friend… there’s no turning back. You put it all out there to be judged and it turns out… they loved it!

They really, really did!

Visit iTunes to download Paul’s CD.
Head to The Lower Deck to hear the songs live.
Check out “New Music Fridays” at the Casino every Friday night.