I sit in class every day with a talented group of young people… each having arrived into the Graphic Design program at NSCC with various skills like photography, illustration, painting, acting and jewellery making to name a few.

At times, I shake my head and wonder how I got here? Why I chose Graphic Design having never taken an art course… never putting a pencil to sketchbook?

In the midst of a mid-life crisis I forgot that I had a background in Information Technology and that jumping on the creative bandwagon would cause a left-brain right-brain meltdown!

I guess it’s kind of a moot point now… I’m here. Loving it. Enjoying the classes and the folks who inspire me and I’m sure I bring a little something to the classroom! (I’ll let you know what it is when I figure it out but believe me… it’s NOT a sense of maturity!!)

Last week, my friend Cassy Collins (isn’t that the best Hollywood name you’ve ever heard) arrived wearing her “Movember Moustache Necklace!” I just had to have one!

Cassy designs beautiful jewellery. She’s always sitting across from me with a fancy new piece… fabulous dangly earrings and exquisite necklaces. She’s quite talented and I’m amazed by her work.

Being the “girly girl” I’m not, while one pretty piece after the next brightens up Cassy’s lovely attire… it’s the “Moustache Necklace” I had to own!

Seriously… this thing is amazing! Who wouldn’t want to wear a necklace where you can place the charm on your upper lip and low and behold… instant moustache! Just this one piece is more functional than any other item of jewellery I’ve owned. If you’re in a sticky situation… all you have to do is lift the necklace to your lip and you’re incognito! Think of the potential for sneaking out of bars unnoticed… showing up at places you’re not supposed to be… disappearing without a trace! This one necklace holds a world of potential.

Oh… and it looks pretty awesome with a turtle neck sweater and jeans. And some of the proceeds go to the Movember Campaign. And it comes in various colours. And it’s only thirty bucks. And WHATEVER… I have a moustache!!!!

Visit Cassy’s Etsy site to order your very own, send me an email if you’re local and I can get one to you quickly, or drop into Mudwraps to Manicures as they carry them too (oh, and for the record, if you need to get rid of a pesky moustache… Mudwraps can do that too!)

Cassy’s pretty awesome!

And looks fantastic sporting a lime green stache!!

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