Home for Christmas…

At one point yesterday morning, The Tall Blonde and I were having Christmas in Germany.

It would have been lovely. Visiting the  Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg to celebrate the holidays. Strolling through the various stalls that sell toys and trinkets, the smell of gingerbread in the air mixed with the scent of mulled wine and warmed, sizzling bratwurst as evening approached and the twinkling lights surrounded us. Simply breathtaking!

Hang on…let me explain.

A few texts of “Mom I can’t find my airline ticket” had me retracing emails to re-send her the ticket that I’d never actually ever sent only to discover the ticket in my inbox was not the itinerary I expected as… OK… it’s a convoluted story but suffice it to say that while “your call is important to us please stay on the line” with Air Canada for an hour…I had it all figured out.

Spiderman and Bones were fine. While I would miss them and have to make it up to them, they’d be with their father. So… if for some reason the flights were sold out and The Tall Blonde couldn’t make her way to me because I was absolutely stupid…no biggie! I’d give her the absolute amazing trip of her life and join her in Germany, Brussels, Amsterdam, it didn’t matter! As long I could get to her, and her to me, then what did it matter of where it was?

When all of a sudden, lost in thought, I heard “thank you for calling Air Canada how can I help you” and I lost it!

Full and total, complete and teary breakdown of “I have to get my kid home”, “I think there’s been a mistake”, “the ticket says the wrong thing”, “we changed it in October”, “I never opened the file”, “I don’t know what to do” which was followed by a very, kind, patient, sweet, “Oh honey let’s just take a look at what we have in our system” voice that looked it up and there it was. The right ticket. In their system. All along. Panic averted as I’d been sent the wrong file and never really looked at it carefully…or at all for that matter…and “Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with your daughter.”

My daughters. And my son. And my parents.


It begins tonight. With her arrival at 2am when I wrap my arms around my sweet, precious, tall, blonde girl.

But for the record…Germany would have been amazing!