Happy Christmas…

Overwhelmed. Amazed. Awestruck.

There are not enough words.

It started with the arrival of The Tall Blonde…where I cannot clearly explain the feeling of having her home again. Then…continued with many friends gracing my home for a wild and crazy night until the amp blew at 1am and folks, who’d tossed their heels aside for dancing, packed it in and called it a night. Then…followed with a gathering at Gib’s…followed by a gathering at Crazy’s…then onto my parents on Christmas Eve where I lay in bed last night thinking of everything I had to be grateful for.

Mix it all in with many descriptive emails from my in-laws as they enjoy an African Adventure, a heartfelt message from Little-1 in Dubai, a lovely phone call with my brother and sister-in-law in Vancouver, a tree overflowing with goodies, delicious food and my wonderful, beautiful family.

I am blessed.

Surrounded by good people. Kind and loving, generous, thoughtful people who fill me with complete happiness.

It isn’t often I’m at a loss for words but this Christmas, for the first one in a number of years, I felt relaxed…loved more than humanly possible…safe and warm…whole.

I feel whole.

I’m at a loss to fully explain how it feels to be this happy except that I know…I owe it to the many people who surround me…who enrich my life not just at Christmas but every. single. day.

Merry Christmas. May you all know the same inner peace and happiness that absolutely fills my heart.

With Love.

xo Queen

One Reply to “Happy Christmas…”

  1. Always nice to feel whole. And good to count our blessings. Glad you have sooooooo many.