How did the amp blow?

Well… let’s back it up a bit.

I’d invited a crap load of people knowing that when the actual day of the party arrived…folks would be tired and sick and too pooped from shopping, then babysitters would cancel and stuff would come up last-minute and my phone would be rung off the hook with the “sorry we can’t make it” calls but in reality… no one said “no.”

I threw it out on Facebook…then, at one point, got a little nervous reminding myself of a party thrown years back while my folks were away that garnished too much buzz and got out of control and OMG what would I do if the cops showed up? I’m a grown up…use my head…pre-plan… what would I do if the police came??

Answer – Invite a few police officers to soften the blow and OMG why wasn’t I this smart in High School!?

Panic averted.

Purchase some munchies, hide the crystal, clear out the furniture and roll up the rug then figure out what I’d do for music.

Hmmmm…. music.

Again…I’m a grown up…use my head…pre-plan…what would I do for music??

Answer – Invite a DJ who happens to send a text message asking if I’d “like him to bring his gear!” Hellloooo….Hell yeah!

The party was a hit!

The people, the dancing, the food and fun. Much loudness into the night which resulted in a text from one of the kids down the street that said to their mother “Mommmm… I can hear ‘Push It’ from all the way down here” and another to saying they were having a “dance party in their bedroom” which had us all laughing then wishing my police officer friend hadn’t called to say their babysitter cancelled ’cause what would I do if the police showed up!

And that’s approximately when the amp blew.


A hundred of my favorite people. Another fifty who phoned or emailed to say they couldn’t make it (but they wouldn’t have fit in the house anyway!) Three massive bags of recyclables. A million little dents on my family room floor from multiple pairs of high-heeled shoes that were eventually tossed aside for comfort. Two broken wine glasses and four exploded beer that someone placed in my freezer then promptly forgot which had me incredibly annoyed once discovered which all resulted in…

One epic party!

With much fun and laughter.

Due mostly from the fabulous entertainment and music from my awesome friend “Rock with Bruce.” (And you might want to book him early, as I’ve already given him my party date for next year! )


2 Replies to “Par-tay…”

  1. We had a great time !! sorry about the messy smelly freezer…I would of come over and accessed the mess.. I ll chip in on the amp too sweets .. you are the best party thrower ever!