10 Things I want in a man…


Since I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m looking for a man in my life, the advice has been streaming in. Go online, don’t go online. Join a club, stay away from the clubs. Drink good wine, chug a Guinness.

It’s a litany of conflicting comments.

So far, the best advice has come from “Tweep.” (Who by the way is co-author of the book “7 Keys to Freedom” about developing the mind so I have a feeling she knows a little about what she’s talking about!) Anyway, she says, it’s all up to me! I’m to decide what I want, write it down as if I’m making a list of goals…then go find him…or let him find me. But apparently, if I don’t know what I want, then I won’t be able to weed out what I don’t want!

Hmmmm… makes a bit of sense.

She’s challenged me to write a list of TEN THINGS I’d like in a partner and I’ve come up with two!

One – I want to be number one.

Two – He must be funny.

Quite frankly, I like nothing more than laughing or someone who’s smart enough to make me laugh and the other…well…never in my life has a significant other put me first and for once, I want someone to treat me like the Queen I believe I am!

Other than that…I’ve never really thought about it…so apparently I’m headed for disaster! Therefore, I thought I’d take a crack at coming up with a few things I’m looking for!

Three – No wife beaters.

Obviously I’m not talking about “that” kind of wife beater though he’s not allowed to do that either! I’m talking those sleeveless shirts that have the horrid name! I hate them! They look creepy and slimy and unless you have amazing shoulders and fantastic abs (which is pretty rare for most men) then for all our sakes unless you’re at the gym, wear some sleeves on your shirts!

Four – Must be social.

I’m social…he must be social. Well…not too social in that he’s out there meeting other women ’cause that’s a deal breaker for me…refer to item #1. But you know, social in that he enjoys a good party, friends over for dinner, a night out with some fabulous music, oh…and time with my family…my mom and dad who are a constant in my life. He’s got to be able to converse and enjoy the company of my friends no matter how whacked they are!

Five – Must read.

This might sound stupid but I’d like someone who actually enjoys a good book. Maybe someone who’ll actually even read my blog and encourage me to write more! I like to read and not once in my life have I been with a man who enjoys to curl up on the couch and read a good book on a Sunday afternoon.

Six – Must be a gentleman.

OMG I’d downright die if I met a gentlemen! Hold the door open, place his hand on my  lower back as he’s guiding me through a crowded room, hand me his coat if I’m a wee bit chilly or bring me a cup of tea out of the blue. A gentleman. A guy who loves his momma and knows how to treat her right.

Seven – Must like children.

Woah wait a minute. Can we move number seven to the top of the list? I mean, I know I want to be number one and all but my kids come first. Well, not first in an “I’m a martyr” kind of way but I want to meet someone who’ll sit by me at the rink or the barn (or visit my oldest in France) and be happy to be there. I totally understand that on many occasions there’s something he’d rather be doing as believe me, I often feel the same! But…the kids come first. I want someone who’ll be just as proud of my kids and happy about their achievements as I am. And… if he has kids, I’ll do the same. These little beings we’re raising… they make the world go around and the more support and encouragement they get…the better off we’ll all be. I believe that whole heartedly, my kids are my everything and above all else, come first in my life. And to be honest, it’s kind of a no brainer as my kids are really freakin’ awesome!

Eight – Must be tall.

I’m tall.

Nine – Must make me feel protected.

Is that weird? I can protect myself. I’m independent. I’ve learned to mow and BBQ and change a tire… ok, whatever, I’ve never changed a tire but I can bring my car to the garage and listen to what’s wrong with it and pay the garage bill but I want to feel protected. I want a warm place to fall when I’m tired and stressed. I want someone to listen to me and tell me it’s alright and share all the crap that builds inside my head and make me believe it will all be fine. I want to turn to someone else, when I need a break, and know he’ll take the pressure off just by being there. And in return, I’ll do the same.

Ten – Must not be clingy or desperate!


So, there it is…my top ten list! All I have to do is go out there and find him. Or, better yet,  wait for him to find me. In the meantime, if one of my delightful readers happens to know of an awesome catch who meets my criteria, tell him to follow my blog. Then follow me! But not stalk me as in he’s really creepy and OMG-I-can’t-get-rid-of-him kind of follow me.


Eleven – Must not be creepy and stalk me.

Twelve – Must be rich.

Come on now…doesn’t hurt to throw it in!

Thirteen – And REALLY good looking!

Fourteen – Like Brad Pitt good looking.

Fifteen – And call me Queen!

6 Replies to “10 Things I want in a man…”

  1. You forgot teeth! He must have teeth! That would be a deal breaker …a huge one. 🙂 Good luck in your search. You’re not asking for much..you’re asking for the person you need to complete you.

  2. Excellent! These are high expectations, as they should be. Takes a bit of wisdom that usually comes from life experience and age to know what we really want. And on the first go around, none of us usually have that.

  3. Not unrealistic at all! It’s what we all deserve! Keep moving on and living your life, enjoying your independence and it will come to you …..I’m a true believer in that !!!