Ten ornaments on my tree…

I love my tree…the memories on it.

Each year we’re reminded of stories and adventures as one ornament after the next is retrieved from their boxes.

When The Tall Blonde was a baby, I started the Christmas Eve tradition of giving her an ornament to “represent her year.” As the years went on and Spiderman and Bones arrived…it’s a tradition we look forward to. They know that someday, when they move on and get a tree of their own, these memories will fill their own homes.

Spiderman, with multiple hockey ornaments as well as childhood characters from his favorite shows. Bones, with many horses and the “ketchup” bottle representing her love of ketchup. And The Tall Blonde, with various ballet ornaments and other treasures.

I fear that hers will be leaving the tree sooner than I’m ready.

A few times this season, I’ve seen the “10 Ornaments on our tree” post and thought I’d write one myself. While I’ll leave the kids with their own stories, here are a few of mine.

1. Every tree needs a “guardian angel.” I purchased this one, the year I lost the baby I was carrying. Spiderman was a twin, and it reminds me of how lucky we are to have him. The angel…is placed in the same spot every year…and watches over us all.

2. The Hammer! Oh how this makes me laugh. Soon after my divorce, when most of the art was gone and I’d purchased a few prints to fill the empty walls, I went to the garage to find a hammer and all were gone. All! We had four! But no…none for me. I lost it in the most outrageous rant one could ever imagine and that Christmas, Mom bought me the hammer ornament to remind me of my great hissy fit.

3. My baby shoes! Mom used to put bells on our laces so she could hear where we were. When The Tall Blonde was little, much as it was hard to find, I insisted she had white booties with bells on her toes! Some people have their baby shoes bronze plated…I just hang them on the tree.

4. Pine Cone Bear. He’s very delicate and was given to me by my Nanny Coady. It’s just one of those ornaments that are special in that “I love my family” sort of way.

5. The pacifiers! There are six of them hung on the tree. One for The Tall Blonde, one for Spiderman and FOUR for Bones. She wore them like rings on each of her fingers. Switching back and forth between each one as she drifted off to sleep.

6. I wrote a post last year about how I was turning into Norm from Cheers because I was at the Lower Deck so much! Crazy gave me this ornament and when you press the button on the side, it plays the “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” theme!

7. Speaking of Crazy, there’s Michigan J. Frog. You know the story. The frog delightfully sings “Hello My Baby Hello My Darling” but when asked to perform, croaks out a “Ribbit!” That’s my friend Crazy…or, what Crazy’s husband says she’s like. We go out for a few drinks and she’s all “Hello my baby” but when he gets her home…Ribbit!

8. Acorn Santa. One of the tiniest ornaments on the tree and made for me by one of my dear friends Tammy. Every year, it reminds me of our friendship…and how she means so much to me.

9. Malagash Sea Glass. Every June I look forward to our “Girls Weekend Away.” It refreshes me…fills me with a sense of love and happiness. My very best friends gathered on a beach…laughing and spending time together…collecting sea glass.

10. And this year…a very special ornament from The Tall Blonde. I know that time is getting closer…time when ornaments will be packed for a tree of her own but for me…the memories will stay. Stories I treasure. I’m proud…happy…thrilled for my children and the adventures ahead. As The Tall Blonde moves on and with each new change before us…I know, in my heart…we’ll always have Paris.

These treasures on my tree are a sampling of the hundreds we hang each year. Each with a story. This week, they’ll gently be wrapped and put away for another year. I look forward to the year ahead, for new adventures and laughter and on Christmas Eve, we’ll unwrap new memories, to place on the tree…and keep in our hearts.

13 Replies to “Ten ornaments on my tree…”

  1. Omg I love the ornament from the Tall Blond! This makes my heart warm and brings a smile to my face. Thanks my friend for ur wonderful words! Love crazy

  2. As I sit here and read this, a smile grows on my face and a few tears slip out of my eyes. You have a wonderful family, Queen, and your stories always touch me. I’m only an hour away from “home”, but it seems like forever- reading and hearing about you and your family always cheers me up and makes me thankful for my own family. I hope you guys made some more special memories this holiday season.

    • Such a softy Dan. I’m sure if your family is anything like you, they are a wonderful group of people!

  3. Oh, my, Colleen. You have brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face as I recall hanging the “special” ornaments on our tree for all those years. Then, when our gang left home, I gave them their own ornaments for their family tree….you, I read, are planning to do the same. While your children can look at each ornament and recall the happy memories that you helped make for them, they will always keep you and your Christmases together close to their hearts. Love you. XXOO

  4. Love this post Colleen, we do the same thing with our boys. When my Nan Fisher passed away I took a few ornaments from her house and then again when Nan O’Dea passed. The boys know these are very special and they are the first to go on our tree every year.

  5. I just love reading your stories. I usually end up with tears streaming down my face though. Beautiful. Love you:)