I’ve been three days trying to come up with something fabulous to say and the fact is…I got nothin’!

I’m taking down the tree, cleaning the house, spending the last few days with The Tall Blonde before she heads back to France and trying to wrap my head around returning to school for my final semester.

I sit…try to write…nothing. Not. One. Thing.

Mind you, I do like the way my newly painted nails look while pounding on the keys of the keyboard! I went to Mudwraps and tried the “Shellac” and to be honest…four days in and I might be hooked!

As far as the New Year…I have no resolutions. Frankly, I don’t make them. I try every day to do better than the one before and don’t really see the point in listing off a bunch of things that surely I’ll screw up on!

Like the gym.

I fell of the wagon and got the “Hey Sunshine, Time’s Up” message the other day from Mitch at Evolve telling me to get off my butt. Which means I’ve a date with Satan next week.

Not that he’s Satan. Really.

It’s just that he’s gonna make me do things I don’t want to do that I actually really do want to do in that “you can’t make me,” “yes I can,” “NO you can’t,” “YES I can,” “you’re not very nice,” “suck it up princess,” “thanks for making me do that,” “you’re welcome sunshine,” conversation that goes on between us.

Also apparently…I’m not allowed to have pie for breakfast anymore! And have to “find time” to do “more cardio.”

And by “MORE cardio” I actually mean “SOME cardio” cause I’m not doing ANY at all.

Anyway, like I said, there’s no point making New Year’s resolutions. I know what I have to do…I just have to do it and besides, I hate New Year’s Eve for several reasons so don’t really need to add the burden of “here’s all the ways you suck and here’s a list of things you need to do to make yourself a better person this year” to an already dreadful night.

Though funny enough…this New Year’s Eve was actually alright. Me…a few of my favorite people, “Pink Champagne Cupcakes”, The Lower Deck…Sambuca shots. Not really a bad way to spend a night considering New Year’s Eve four years ago was when it all blew up.

And by “it” I mean my marriage.

With each year that passes, I find myself more and more looking forward rather than looking back. The future is bright. My days are overly pleasant and, for the most part, filled with joy. I laugh easier, smile faster. I’m quick to take on a new adventure and live my best life.

In fact, the other night, my cousin mentioned how much I’ve changed and I made the comment that I feel like I’m the person I used to be before I “lost myself” and The Tall Blonde jumped in with a “Nope, you’re different. The mom I knew before all this happened would have never worn converse sneakers.”

This is true.

I’m much more carefree.

Happier than I’ve ever been.

And…I get my nails painted!

And…I’m writing a long post about nothing ’cause I like the way they look as I’m pounding on the keys while I’m supposed to be saying something about 2012 being over and 2013 being new and hope and future and all that stuff and I guess…if there was something I really wanted to say it’s this…

For me, 2012 was the year of burying the past but not because I made a resolution to do that on the last day of 2011…but because time is the great healer…and living is amazing…and every day that passes and each new experience and the wonderful people I meet…just makes it all better.

And I look forward to what 2013 has in store for me.

And I’m thinking I should get a new pair of colorful converse.

And paint my nails the exact same shade.

And maybe have a few more Sambuca shots this year!

2 Replies to “Resolutions…”

  1. I hate New Year’s resolutions too and love the way you make ‘nothing’ sound so good! Cheers to a great year ahead!