Breakfast tray…

The “breakfast tray” we received as a wedding gift, was never used very often.

The odd “Mother’s Day.” Or maybe a couple of times when the kids were sick…or faking sick…and I wanted to give them a little extra love.

I remember thinking it was a fabulous gift. I pictured my new husband bringing me Saturday morning breakfast in bed…complete with a flower, a newspaper and two cups of coffee…so we could while away the morning together.

It never happened.

The tray sat idle. In the empty space beside the fridge. Staring at me. For years.

Until this weekend.

Not too long ago, my “mother in-law” had filled my pantry with multiple jars of preserves including her amazing salsa and, while at it, filled my freezer with her sought after soups! The Tall Blonde, while recuperating from a skiing accident, is happily making her way through both. Two of the four jars of salsa are gone and she was delighted to discover Nada’s beef barley soup (I never mentioned the 12 casseroles we’d already eaten…lovingly made to make mealtime easier through a busy school semester!)

I’ve listened to The Tall Blonde grinning through “Mom, the salsa to chip ratio is all wrong” complaint along with her frequent calls of “Mom I’m bored, wanna have a tea party” requests. And I’m happily obliging.

I fill the tray with everything needed…head up the steps and sit beside her on the bed…chatting quietly or reading the messages she’s received from friends.

It’s been a long few days. We’re being quiet. Patient. Thankful.

Making use of the breakfast tray. And the freezer-full of treats.

Whiling away our time together.