Often, a blog starts from a rant.

Something ticks me off and makes me annoyed enough to fire words on the screen that make no sense.

I usually never post them.

Every now and then I go back. Reassess my rant. Write a piece that’s absolutely phenomenal yet, I still choose not to post it.

Other times, I rearrange a few things…take out the bad words…form my feelings from my calmed down anger and post something with a few more flowers, rainbows and unicorns than it originally started out with.

Yet sometimes, I open the draft post…then re-close it again…pretending it never happened. I treat it like the therapy it was meant to be.

And I shake my head.

I’ve a number of these that will never see the light of day…that eventually make their way to the trash. Except, last week, one of them mysteriously appeared as PUBLISHED!

So…for those of you who happened to see a half written bunch of nonsense filled with typos, bad paragraph structure and a few curse words as if written by a crazed lunatic…ummmmm…woopsie??


Something weird happened.

All of Februarys postings disappeared for a few days and then, they reappeared along with one rather ranty, half-written, piece of crap, typed in anger, stupid post that I had no idea was there until I saw it last night and was all “oh my God I hope no one saw this” then quickly deleted it! Luckily, since I didn’t post it on Facebook or Twitter, I might be off the hook.

Sort of.


Anyway, if you saw it…no biggie. It was just a rant. Some of my best posts come from moments of complete madness and if anything, this blog is fantastic therapy.

So…look away…pretend it never happened. Smile and wave!

And for the record…I don’t really hate Valentine’s Day as much as it may have said I did!!

One Reply to “Rant…”

  1. No problem, blogs do weird things sometimes. My blog is definitely my form of therapy too.