Fly on my toe…

I broke my toe in a fly hole leaving me to wonder why the front hole in a pair of boxers is called a fly.

Leaving you to wonder what my toe was doing inside one?

The answer is simple.

You see, Spiderman’s room is over the garage and therefore, requires more heat.

Through the week I leave it at a constant temperature but every second weekend, when he’s at his fathers, I turn the thermostat back to save a few pennies.

Seriously, ask Gord Stevens of Uncommon Grounds how much power costs these days!

Anyway, that’s how I broke my toe.

I was getting ready to head out with friends, running around like a chicken with my head cut off…trying to figure out what to wear while agonizing over how much I hate heels…when I ended up in a peri-menopausal meltdown.

So I turned down the heat.

And that’s when I remembered I hadn’t turned Spiderman’s thermostat back.

I headed to his room and when turning the corner, my right foot stepped on a pair of boxers that can usually be found sticking out of the back of Spiderman’s jeans.

As my left foot continued its marching orders, my wee little piggy caught itself up in the fly of the shorts and just like that…I dropped.

In searing “wee wee wee” pain.

I’ve broken toes before. At least ten times. Possibly more. So I know when a stub is a stub and a break is a break. And this…most definitely…was a break.

Knowing that nothing could be done and taping was the only option, I eventually got off the floor and hobbled to the medicine cabinet where I keep my “toe tape.” Low and behold, I was out! Still in a rush to finish getting ready as my ride was arriving, and suddenly half happy with the knowledge I wouldn’t be wearing heels, I headed back to Spiderman’s room in search of hockey tape as I had a vague recollection that I’d seen some in there.

And that’s where it was.

On the floor.

Next to his boxers.

Right where I broke my toe. In a fly hole. While turning down the heat.