Match dot com

Last week…over pancakes, sausages and a dozen hockey players enjoying one another’s company…a few hockey moms and myself were gathered in my living room gossiping and solving the world’s problems.

At some point, the conversation turned to whether I’d started dating…followed by questions of whether I wanted to and where I should be looking!

The thing is…I do want a partner. Swear I do! I’d be happy to share my awesome life.

Problem is…I’m swamped. Totally spent with school and kids and the thought of fitting someone into this crazy life is a little daunting!

Alright…and it scares the crap out of me!!!

Ideally, I just want him to show up! Step into the role and fit in my life. Suddenly just be there without seeking him out, no bad dates, no testing the waters….just *poof*…there he is, sitting on the couch, reading the Sunday paper and asking if I’d like a refill on my coffee.

But apparently, it doesn’t work that way.

The hockey mom’s tell me I actually need to work at it…they say I have to go on-line!


I admit, early in the game when I was no more ready to go on a date than I was to jump out of a plane naked, I went online to see how it worked, writing about it in the post Plenty of Fish, but YUCK!

It’s possible it was me.

Or the photo of the guy in the tight jeans and corona hat holding the snake.

But, I’m told it’s the place people meet…if you want to…it you’re open to a few coffee dates and meeting new people.

So, with that in mind…I’ll give it a go!

But you’re coming with me! We’ll do this together.

Just me, my date…and a few hundred readers per day!!!

The other night, I grabbed my Visa, opened a dating site and started to fill out the form where the very first question had me stumped.


Not my name…obviously I know my name…but a pseudonym thingy. Something witty that tells, in a dozen characters, everything there is to say about me.

I thought “girl_nxt_door” but decided against it for a variety of reasons. Then I thought “Queen”…but that gives the wrong impression.

So, I’m putting it out there…after all…you’re part of this plan to find me this awesome man!

Throw me suggestions and we’ll fill in the first question in this online profile thing…and eventually, we’ll get to question two. Who knows, at this rate, I might actually get out for a coffee…sometime next year!


2 Replies to “Match dot com”

  1. Good for you for wanting to test the waters!I’m dating a man I dated in high school. We were pretty involved,but we went our separate ways.For over three decades by my own count. He’s been married, had a child by a woman he married, and is now amicably divorced.Ive had relationships, but no marriage or children.A friend I went to coffee with confided to me that once we’re a certain age,its better to go with the tried and true method of dating.In other words, if you meet your crush at a wedding-second or third, heaven forbid,or a funeral,strike up that conversation.It feels like old- and very familiar and certain times. Good luck sticking your toe into that dating pool.You’ll do great!

  2. That does sound hard, but I suppose you could easily change it. What about Sunshine?