International Women’s Day…


I never believed in the “power of women.”

Until I needed them.

Until I was held together by the most remarkable group of girlfriends, cousins, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters…I’ve ever known.

Until one after the next, I heard from friends I hadn’t heard from in years…women who were part of my past…who I thought were gone.

Who weren’t.

Until the phone calls, the emails, the visits, the personal messages of hope and support came barreling in.

I thought girlfriends were for fun…enjoyable…there for a laugh and a bit of gossip and I treasured their company…but I never believed they were more. That they could heal me.

Until I needed them.

Until I realized they made me a better person…that without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

On International Women’s Day, I’d like to point out the remarkable women who’ve been part of my life. Who’ve made a difference.

I believe, like never before, that we need one another. That women have the power to change the world…to make a difference in the lives of others.

That together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

While the women I’m surrounded by are blessed in the privileges we have. In the country we live in. While we don’t face near the atrocities that some women face and aren’t fighting one tenth of the battles that other women endure…I hope that those who are fighting for equality, for freedom from sexual exploitation and violence…those living in poverty and through war…are lucky enough to know the same “sisterhood” that I have known.

For with that sisterhood…when everything is stacked against them…they’ll find support.

Where they can be hopeful.

They can be brave.

They can be strong.

They can live a life filled with joy and laughter.

And love.

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