Bedford Blizzards…

As if heading to the barn three times a week and the rink at least double that wasn’t enough…Bones decided she wanted to play volleyball!

We joined the “Bedford Blizzards” in the Fall. The first “team sport” that Bones would be part of and knowing the benefits that went along with it (as The Tall Blond played volleyball for years), I was all too pleased to add a bit more chaos to my already overstuffed schedule.

And it was worth it.

Week after week I saw the joy on my daughter’s face as she came from practice. Her volleyball…a constant fixture in my living room as she “volleyed” it repeatedly throughout the house. The tournaments were a blast. The parents were a hoot. Her teammates, supportive. Sam and Alison, her coaches…simply wonderful!

It was a fantastic experience from the very first tryout…to the end of the year ceremony where she received “Most Improved Player”…to the final game a few nights ago when the parents took on the kids.

And how I laughed.

As kids chirped at their parents and parents gave it back! The foolishness and competitiveness as forty-somethings dove for the ball…not wanting their daughters to have “one up” on them. As the kids cheered a play or the parents made fun with the chants we hear repeatedly at tournaments…yelling “Ace” and smacking their hands on the floor when a serve went unanswered from the other side…or the sing-song “serve it up Tracey, serve it up” as a “mom” would prepare to send the ball to the other side. Parents hugging…laughing…patting each other on the backs and enjoying the camaraderie while their children simply rolled their eyes.

It was a perfect way to end the season.

Thanks to Al Scott and the entire Bedford Blizzards organization for running an amazing Club. For doing it the right way from the initial meeting explaining how it all works and where all the money goes…to the very final “parent/kid” game.

But mostly, for putting a smile on my daughter’s face week after week!

For information on how your daughter can get involved…contact You can expect to get a very lengthy email giving you multiple details of this fabulous program…from an overly enthusiastic, supportive, delightful and caring athlete who started this program a number of years back, so his daughter could benefit from this wonderful sport!

Just like mine has.