Color me wonderful…

I did a personality test the other day and when finished, it said this:

“You believe in yourself and others. You actively listen and give diplomatic feedback. You empathetically hear dreams. Magically, your strong beliefs make your wishes come true.”

Hmmmm…. and this…

“Direct, driven, confident, outgoing and you know what you want. You tell it like it is. You have firm rules based on your past experiences.”

Well…that sums it up!

Michele Muir, of Silk Purse Decor, did a “Dewey Color Assessment” on me and got into my head! One of only three Certified Dewey Consultants in Atlantic Canada, Michele resides in Halifax and is quick to help you decide the best colors for your home and style. After the consultation, you end up with a list of colors that are best suited to your home based on a series of tests that determine what colors your eyes are drawn to and what colors best impact your lifestyle. Essentially, these colors represent who you are and what makes you tick.

The process was pretty interesting and the bottom line to hiring a color consultant is simple…it’s one of the toughest decorating decisions we make! So many of us are afraid to use color in our homes…not sure how to make color work, afraid we’ll pick the wrong one, not sure where to stop the paint or how many colors to use and how they’ll look in our space. Not to mention…whether or not we’ll be able to live with it once it’s on the walls!

The idea behind the Dewey Color System is simple…when you surround yourself with colors that work with your personality, you subconsciously work towards your hopes and dreams…in my case, bringing out creativity in my studio.

I’m working on my office…what will essentially be a creative space. While I had several ideas of my own and how I wanted it to be, Michele’s assessment has me guided towards picking out some great accent colours for accessories and art. Not to mention, she’s helping me paint this weekend…we picked out a great wallpaper together…and we’ve been hunting down kijiji finds to get the best deal for a space that will be fantastic!

I can’t wait to show you the end results but in the meantime, if you’d like Michele to help you pick out the colors for your home or next project…send her an email @

(PS…she also helped pick out colors for my garage and front door! But that will be next weeks’ project!)