2 Doors Down…

Friday night was the first of three “friends and family” nights at “2 Doors Down”…the new restaurant owned and operated by the same folks who own Chives which…you guessed it…is two doors down from their famed restaurant.

I headed out with Crazy and her husband, Sam The Eagle, for a night of friendship and laughter and on leaving the house announced to the kids “If you’re looking for me, I’ll be 2 doors down!”

Seriously! The name is perfect!

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, except that…knowing the “Chives way” for wonderful local fresh food and fabulous wines…I had a feeling I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I’m not a food critic…so with the exception of saying I left sufficiently stuffed with a smile on my face…I’ll leave the foodie responses to other bloggers and media folks who will surely have plenty to say!

But I will talk about the atmosphere…I simply LOVED it!

Dark grey walls with cherry red columns, beautiful barn board tables with exquisite teal blue chairs. The entire restaurant was a treat on the eyes…truly comfortable and inviting…the perfect spot for an intimate date, a fabulous night out with friends, or a night where you’re the “third wheel” but who the heck cares it was a blast anyway!

AND, while this might sound absolutely nuts…I LOVED the cutlery and the napkins were FANTASTIC! With me…it’s the little things! The dessert served in mason jars and my poutine in an iron pot! I loved the way the place made me feel like I was fine dining in a casual, pleasant, modern, fun atmosphere.

But the best…way better than the beautiful decor, the awesome poutine and our sweet server Amy…the exquisite smile on my “nieces” face as she filled my water-glass and cleared the table. My beautiful Squid…at her very first job!

I know a lot of folks have worked hard to put this together but…since it was “friends and family” night…and being that I’m a “friend” and consider myself “family”…I really only have to throw my sincerest congratulations to George Davis on this wonderful new venture! I’m incredibly proud of you and so happy to count you among my amazing group of talented friends.

I’ll be back to visit soon.


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