Stick people family…

This week, both Prada and Crazy put those “stick people figures” on their SUV’s and I have to admit…I’m making fun of them.

But maybe I’m bitter.

Maybe it’s not that I think it’s lame to have a stick people family stuck to the back of your fancy new car!

Truth be told, a few years back, Bones and I stood in front of the various stickers and tried to form our family from the hockey playing, ballerina twirling, cleat wearing figurines.

In our hands was the mom sticker, a tall girl with a ponytail, a hockey boy, a volleyball girl and a fat dog when all of a sudden I turned to Bones and said “it looks like a lesbian couple with two kids and a pig!”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But seriously, what would I have done if I’d already had the stickers on the mini van BEFORE my marriage had ended? Put an X through the man? Ripped its head off? Left a space with an arrow and the words “this spot now available?”

Lucky for me…I was making the decision post divorce and for that matter…post van as you probably remember the death of my mini van.

Nope…three stick girls, a stick boy and a stick dog in my opinion, would look ridiculous on the back of our family sedan leaving me to believe that maybe, just maybe, the stick people are for the husband-wife-boy-girl-cat-dog families.

Of which I’m not part of.

So…rather than admit that I’m jealous of Crazy and Prada’s stick husbands…I’ll do things my way and continue to make fun of their little stick people families!

But for the record, before there’s a half-crazed stick woman and a dozen stick cats on the back of my car…I gotta find myself a stick man.

13 Replies to “Stick people family…”

  1. You know my stick family was just an excuse to put my cute lil pudgy horse character up there! 😉

  2. Very funny!!!! U call me crazy, u just wrote a crazy post! Be proud of the family u have my friend, its one of the best I know!

  3. I always wondered what there meaning was…kinda thought it was an elite group that I was not aware of,lol they are mostly on suvs or mini vans..hmmm??

  4. I had a Disney family on my van, even the dog wore Mickey ears….then we sold our van 3 months later…sigh…. When we were there this year I opted note to get them again even though I loved them.

  5. I gotta say, I make fun of them too… I tolerate the zombie stick families and could be swayed by the the Disney ones. I think the idea of the crazed woman and a gazillion stick cats would be AWESOME!

  6. First of all, let me say, I have a gal pal who is a single Mom of two girls. She doesn’t have a van, but she has a stick Mom and two stick girls on her car. So you TOTALLY don’t need a stick man or a van!

    I love my stick family. I admit, I do it slightly ironically as the dutiful wife/mom role that I play… but also, I realized I’m stinkin’ proud of my family and don’t mind showing them off in whatever form.