The big reveal…

I know you’re all waiting for the big reveal! Oh…you’re not?

OK…whatever. Fact is, I’m excited to SHOW you the big reveal but I’ve hit a small snag.

As in…it’s not quite done!

I’m waiting on fabric to arrive (about six days from now) so I can reupholster a couple of chairs then decide on a paint color for an armoire that still has to find a way to my home… but unfortunately none of my friend’s have trucks (just fancy SUV’s with stick people on the back!)

BUT…here’s what I CAN show you…here’s my office BEFORE I attacked it.

OK…it’s not.

Here’s my office AFTER I spent THREE FULL DAYS of shredding papers and filing bills and chucking out old projects and purging out two years of homework and two years of legal documents leaving me with two blue bags STUFFED with shredded paper and a little uneasy feeling that the stacks are all gone and “what if I needed something that I put through the shredder” kind of feeling.

Anyway…this is it.

Which isn’t TOTALLY bad except that it wasn’t really me.

The table…a rickety thing that moved when I worked. The chairs…technically belonging in my kitchen. The armchair…covered for a reason. The painting..OK I love that thing but only for the sentimental attachment as it hung over our fireplace when we were kids and while it’s totally not my style and the Victorian mom and her two kids are peeling potatoes…I still love it. The office chair…taped together at the handles from scraping the pleather off when it scraped up against the underside of the desk. The walls…blah beige. And the overall feeling in the entire space…yuck!

So…I got to work.

With the help of these two friends.

Not these two.

You see Prada, well, she spent the weekend at the soccer field and hockey rink in a winter coat as it’s mid-May and freezing outside and her kids were incredibly busy all weekend. And Crazy…well…she….ummmm, the thing is…she doesn’t do paint.

Or wallpaper.

(Psssst…they said I could post their picture but they thought it was for the blog on 2 Doors Down post not this one! ALSO, for the record, Saturday night, when we went to 2 Doors Down, I didn’t look NEAR as beautiful as either Prada or Crazy as, the thing is, I was a wee bit pooped and had paint in my hair!)

Anyway, I had lots of help from one of my oldest and dearest friends, Sarah, and Michelle (from Silk Purse Decor) who together cut-in, rolled, papered, cleaned up and kept me company while creating my wonderful new office.

And Michelle brought cinnamon rolls.

And homemade carmel popcorn!

AND, she’s been helping me come up with the perfect design!

That will all be revealed…in another few days!