Mills…a star is reborn…

It was the “chalk bombing” on Spring Garden’s sidewalk. The beautiful window displays filled with elegant clothes. The sign on the floor outside the main level shop. Silhouettes of my friend Fancy and her business partners Candace, Katharine and Deanne.

Not a thing was overlooked.

I was mesmerized…my eyes not entirely sure where to looks as I perused the store. The fabrics of the gorgeous clothes slipping through my fingers as I couldn’t help but run my hands across them while I walked from one beautiful section to the next.

The amazing sitting area with the most beautiful screen showing a fashion show on the glittered fabric hanging from a stainless steel frame.

Turquoise accents reflecting the updated look.

One thing after the next left me smiling. Delighted in the atmosphere I was in. Grinning over the newness of the space…the pure “deliciousness” of the entire room.

Congratulations ladies on a job well done! On seeing to every detail. On having a vision, chasing your dreams and bringing it to light!

I look forward to many visits and truly can’t wait to see everything you have in store for us!

Mills…a star is reborn.

5 Replies to “Mills…a star is reborn…”

  1. I, too, visited the new Mills today and was completely mesmerized by the new space and luxurious clothes, cosmetics and assessories!! Design 360 did an outstanding job designing the space and the ladies have outdone themselves with their vision and immaculate taste for everything decadent! I just can’t wait to go back…best shopping experience ever!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much my friend for once again capturing the magic of the moment in such beautiful words. We look forward to seeing you again soon ! Fancy