It’s a jungle out there…

Ever have one of those weekends where you’re left needing to kick yourself in the arse?

Well…not so much Saturday…Saturday was actually a day where I got plenty accomplished but yesterday…well, maybe we should refer to it as “not-so-funday Sunday.”

Somehow, I thought that totally zoning out from life and watching a series where three female best friends wage their battle through professional and personal careers would be an uplifting, enjoyable and lazy way to spend the day.

On the recommendation of a few friends, I poured myself a glass of wine and watched as three women in New York worked their way to the top…one as a fashion designer, two as corporate leaders in the film and magazine industries. While I found it entertaining, would recommend it, had a few laughable moments and some heartfelt ones as well…while I watched it to the very end in anticipation of how it would all turn out…I was left feeling empty.

Almost like when I watched the movie UP! Which left me feeling nothing but Down!

To start…their homes were absolutely amazing leaving me wanting to buy fabulous art and paint my walls insane colors. Not to mention…none of them seemed to do any housework (unless you count the stay at home dad) but it was always crazy tidy, groceries were delivered by delivery men and take-away won out over cooking!

Second…their relationships were intriguing…one happily married with regular struggles, one having a heated affair with a man half her age, the other scooped off her feet by a billionaire who wanted to give her one glorious adventure after the next! It left me wanting to be wrapped up in a torrid romance where everything worked out the way it should even though I’m not sure how I’d ever get everything done AND find room for an affair!

Third…everyone had Assistants and well…I want an assistant!!!

Next…not a hair or spec of mascara was out-of-place at any point leaving me to wonder if I should dress up more often. Maybe get up in the morning to put on make-up before I head down to my office? Possibly hire a stylists to do my hair each morning and WHY DON’T I OWN MORE HEELS!

I watched every episode. An entire day and a bottle of wine spent on this show. All two seasons which turns out to be the entire series as it was cancelled a few years back and while I thought I was in for a “no thinking” day…in the end…I was left feeling insanely incompetent and ridiculously alone.

It’s Monday. The beginning of a new week where I’ll spend a few hours in the office sending out emails to get this new company off the ground. My professional life is at the tip of my fingertips…my personal one… not so much! But…the way things are going…it might be the next big thing!

And besides…I’ve these fantastic friends…who are all too eager to support each other over one more glass of wine! And lucky for me…they’re all dropping by this evening! To help me wade my way through…this lipstick jungle.

2 Replies to “It’s a jungle out there…”

  1. I totally get how Lipstick Jungle could make one feel a bit “under done”. To me it was like reading InStyle magazine – living vicariously. Eye candy, especially the young lover Kirby. 🙂

  2. Me too!! I want an assistant! Great blog. Sweets, you have many talents. So glad I subscribed! Lovely pic of the ladies too:)