Ninety-Three Minions…


I was awoken by NINETY-THREE minions last night. Seriously…93 of the little yellow creatures, knocking me out of the deep sleep I was in.

It was 2:38 when I heard the first sound.

Mrrreeemmp. Followed by Mrrreeemmp THREE MORE TIMES!

Recognizing the sound of my Facebook Chat notification and assuming it was a late night conversation from a friend in need…one who couldn’t sleep for any number of reasons like insomnia, a late night gig, a recent breakup, something on their mind or the effects of early menopause…I reached for the phone but not before hearing two more Mrrreeemmps!

I opened the Chat to discover a conversation from Spiderman! And he was…ummmm…sending me Minion stickers!!

First this one:




Then this:




Followed by:
This this& this.

“OMG Funny,” I typed. Following it with “What on earth are you doing up so late? You woke me from a dead sleep. Now hit the sack!”

And he responded with   . Then FIVE MORE of the yellow creatures…each arriving with my iPhone chat notification of Mrrreeemmp.

He wouldn’t stop. They wouldn’t stop!

Irritated…BEYOND BELIEF…I arose from the bed and headed down the hall to find my boy, snoring like a trucker…out like a light.

I went back to my room a little confused only to discover SEVEN more minions…then I shut off my phone.

Seems Spiderman, in his infinite wisdom…hours before…decided to send me NINETY-THREE Minions which by the time Facebook could generate the “stickers” in the Facebook Chat…they started to appear in my chat feed at TWO THIRTY EIGHT in the morning where I listened to repeated Mrrreeemmps until 3:09 before finally, turning off my phone!

I was attacked last night by Ninety-Three of the cutest, most adorable, persistent, annoying, pain-in-the-butt Minions.

And one excruciatingly, irritating, snoring little boy.

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