Another hockey invitation!!!


WOOOHOOOO Spiderman’s been invited to the Pre World Juniors camp in Lake Placid where all of the best will be playing in games against the USA, Finland and Sweden! Several scouts and coaches are keeping their eye on the players in order to decide who’ll get spots on the National Team to play in the World Juniors in Sweden starting on Boxing Day and OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S BEEN INVITED and this is THE MOST EXCITING THING since the Major Bantams invited him to Atlantic’s and I’M THE PROUDEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

What? Yeah! Spiderman. You know…my kid…the hockey player…lives and breathes to be on the ice and wants to win a Stanley Cup someday…works out like a maniac all the time…pretty much camps at the rink…yeah…that’s him….that’s who I’m talking about…


It’s not an INVITE invite…as in…he won’t be playing?

AHHHHhhhhh….BACK IT UP PEOPLE…SETTLE DOWN…NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!! Seems Spiderman’s been “invited” as in…invited to WATCH the “Pre World Juniors” in Lake Placid next week where he’ll see some of the top U20’s in Canada as they strut their stuff on the ice and impress the scouts and coaches.

Yeah… THAT kind of “invited.”

Sooooo….anyway. Next week, in the middle of our family vacation in which I rented a cottage for my little family to hang out in and relax for a week, I’ll be driving Spidey back into town so he and one of his best buddies can head to New York on quite an adventure!

Thanks to Darrell Young, Amateur Scout for the Vancouver Canucks (and known around these parts for running fantastic hockey programs), for inviting Spiderman along for the ride where surely, he’ll get to see some amazing hockey!

While having as much fun off the ice…as he possibly can!

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  1. That’s really super for Noah! We’ve had the pleasure of watching some of Darryl Young’s practice sessions and in our humble opinion they don’t get any better then that.