Lazy days of summer…

While sitting at a rented cottage at Hubbard’s Beach…the still and quiet in the morning air…a cup of tea in my hand as the birds chirp and the soft breeze rustles the leaves in the trees above me…it’s pure bliss.

Last night, laying in bed with a thin wall between us…I listened as Spiderman and Bones climbed into their bunk beds discussing their day and the friends they’d spent time with. It led to giggles and laughter until finally, exhausted from fresh air, salt water and a great deal of fun, they both fell off to sleep leaving me with a smile in my heart.

As s I sit here, the quiet filling me, I’m reminded of how wonderful it is to relax with not a care in the world. To spend time together as a family without the pressures of being anywhere except exactly where you are.

There’s no alarm blaring to wake us up on a hurried school morning. No calling out to Spiderman a minimum of eight times simply begging him to vacate his bed. No fighting between siblings over bathroom usage, missing items or soaped tooth brushes.

I’m not drinking my tea between repeated yells of “stop fighting” or “you’re going to be late” with the hope that it actually might make a difference.

I’m not at my wit’s end as Bone’s and Spiderman come down the stairs, sleepy-eyed and grabbing their backpacks…one last look in the mirror as they head out the door…while I’m begging them to eat breakfast and wondering how they’ll get through their morning on an empty stomach…shoving a piece of fruit, a yogurt drink or granola bar at them as they slam the door behind them yelling their excuses of “not having time” or “not being hungry.”

Instead, I’m sipping on my tea, knowing when they wake they’ll grab a hearty breakfast, throw on their swimsuits and grab their towels as they head to the beach for a fun-filled day.

Because while September is only a month away, these are the lazy days of Summer.

And I pour another cup of tea…at peace…while I let my children sleep.


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2 Replies to “Lazy days of summer…”

  1. Wonderful photograph! Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your posts…they are real life. One could wish everyday was as calm as you’re experiencing this morning but then the moment wouldn’t be as greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks! I try to write it “like it is.” So happy you’re reading and I agree…wish every day could be this calm!