New Business Cards!

There’s nothing like getting new business cards! Your brand new title clearly listed on 3.5 x 2 inch cardstock…all lined up neatly in that blue cardboard box! The smell of fresh printing bringing you back to the days when your junior high teacher would hand out fresh worksheets and you could almost taste the sweetness of the ink as it arrived at your desk.

I recall the first business cards I ever had…Membership Co-ordinator at Granite Springs Golf Club. The pretty little cards were printed on “granite paper” and the little golf club logo was fantastic. I felt empowered! Like I WAS somebody.


Of course…it’s even better now that my title is “Queen!”

New business cards leave me with a fabulous feeling and lucky for me…I get to design them for other people and it’s always a thrill to see the final product. They’re so special they should almost be wrapped with a fabulous bow and a “here’s-your-new-life-congratulations” sentiment that comes from the heart.

I dropped into Fusion Print today (my favourite printers as they always make my work look exactly as I intended) and picked up the cards I’d designed for Curtains Are Open. To be totally honest, I’m procrastinating branding my design company, Drawbridge Creative, as it totally scares the crap out of me! Plus…I’ve been a little busy.

But for now…the Curtains cards are in my hand and I feel absolutely EMPOWERED!

Which is pretty amazing…for a wee piece of cardboard!

Question: Can you remember the first time you had your own business cards? Comment below. 

4 Replies to “New Business Cards!”

  1. Sadly, I have never had my own business cards; BUT, I do see them in my future, and that’s very exciting! Yours are gorgeous!! 🙂