Why I write…

There’s actually so much distance between me and the current first place blogger in the “Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogger” contest…that I actually have to do math.

Like…long division kind of math!!

And we all know how much I suck at math!

I got knocked down last night (by quite an amazing, talented and beautiful blogger) after a couple of days of sitting in the number one spot which I gotta tell ya’…felt pretty awesome!

This little blog of mine…ain’t so little anymore! Folks are reading and sharing these stories I tell and I’m blown away that it’s actually happening. Each Comment, each Like, Share, Pin and yes, Vote…absolutely thrills me.

I started this blog to haul me out from under the rubble of my divorce. For years, friends and family told me I should write…they got a kick out of my email updates about the kids and the yearly family newsletters I sent from the dog! I’d forever heard “you need to jot that down” or “you should write a book” but confidence…or lack there of…got in the way.

A few years ago, I started writing because it was either get what was in my head out…or totally lose my mind.

Through this process…my mind has cleared. I’ve learned things about myself and those around me that I never would have otherwise known. I’ve been a better mother because writing has given me something to focus on when life got a little overwhelming. My readers have encouraged me tremendously and the one comment that gets me every single time is that…I make others feel “normal.”

Me! PLUM CRAZY ME! Making others feel normal!!

When I’d first heard that Circle of Moms had added Curtains are Open to their list of nominations to get the contest rolling…that I was one of the bloggers on their radar…I was really taken back. Being on the list with another local blogger, Mommy Miracles, who I greatly admire and often turn to for advice, was even better. Seeing the list grow as our two blogs have stayed in the running has been fantastic! But honestly, discovering how supportive my family, friends and readers are…has been earth-shattering!


And simply humbling.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Be Kind, Everyone you Meet is Fighting a Battle.” It’s true. While bloggers receive encouragement from Comments, Likes, Shares, Pins and Votes…there’s a whole lot of people out there who could benefit from a smile, an encouraging word, a pat on the back.

Yes, for my business, for advertising contracts, for new readers and to boost my blog nationally…I’d like your votes. I’d like to be in the Top 25 when all is said and done. BUT, while you’re supporting me and encouraging me…take a moment to discover, and vote for, a few other mom blogs on the list. Check out the “Blogs I Follow” tab on the top of my site to discover some amazing women (and men) I look to for inspiration. Add a comment to tell us about a blogger we should be following.

More importantly, smile at the woman in the grocery store trying to keep her fussy toddler from grabbing the bread as she puts it on the counter. Hold the door for the father who’s trying to stuff a double stroller through a single door. Invite a friend to coffee who, only a few weeks ago, dropped their child off to university and is starting to really feel the pinch of the empty house. Offer to pick up a few things for the new mom on your street who, at this moment, doesn’t know which way is up. Drop by to visit an old friend…who thinks they’re all alone.

I’m thrilled that blogging has helped me feel the love and encouragement from friends, family and complete strangers and I truly believe that it’s that support…that’s gotten me to where I am today. I can never be thankful enough for what blogging and this blogging community has done for me.

Everyone we meet is fighting a battle. Be kind. Offer your words of wisdom, your helping hand and encouraging voice. Be there to listen…just to listen. You have no idea whose life you might be changing…by making them feel a little more loved…and a little more “normal.”



8 Replies to “Why I write…”

  1. I love your word on kindness – something we all could use, isn’t it?
    Since I started blogging, I have found the blogging community to be very friendly and supportive. And having the encouragement of readers and friends and family? That is just icing on the cupcake.
    Congratulations on your nomination – so very exciting!

  2. Absolutely love this….I’m t- the blogger who you just gave that amazing little ShoutOut to…I’m kinda new to the whole blog thing & like you totally humbled by this whole experience….

    You are one to learn from & I’m excited to start following your blog….

    • Always happy to have new followers. This community of mom’s is really special…I’ve learned a great deal from the people I follow and am grateful to have discovered your blog as well.

  3. I am new to your blog… Discovered it from Happy Soul Project which I follow faithfully. Like HSP, your blog touched me and I look forward to reading more from you. So thankful for momma’s such as yourselves putting yourselves out there to help and inspire others. 😉

    • So glad you found me! Follow me on my FB or Twitter to stay up-to-date on posts! And yes, us over-sharers are a little crazy (some call it inspiring!!)

  4. This says so much about you! So much class and determination. I voted for you. 🙂