Morris East 2…

It was one of those days where I was happy I showered! A text from a friend saying “any plans for supper” led to a decision to grab a bite to eat at the new Morris East in Bedford.

To be totally honest, had I not showered, I’d probably have stayed moping on the couch…which is pretty much where I’d perched myself the entire weekend with a stack of books, a box of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and an ever-growing pile of discarded tea cups.

Having been to Morris East downtown, I knew I’d enjoy the food and the price would be within my budget…but to be honest…I was rather taken back by the new location.

Situated just off the highway at the Larry Uteck exit, we arrived to a full parking lot and a bustling restaurant. While the downtown location is small and intimate…this one was large yet every bit as intimate and fabulous as I’d experienced before.

The restaurant was FULL to the rafters so we sat at the bar to wait for a table. Realizing quickly that Jonathan, tending bar, was far too entertaining to move from our seats, we stayed where we were and ordered our drinks! We chatted, ordered food and enjoyed each other’s company as we got to know Jonathan and took in our surroundings.

Oddly, just prior to arriving at the restaurant I’d tweeted that I was headed to Morris East to enjoy some pizza…and received the following response:


Alright…not that I’d ever in a million years actually think to pick the “peaches and goat cheese pizza” from the list of delicious sounding pizzas…but since I’d been told…I thought, why not?


Absolutely fabulous wonderful delectable perfectly cooked peaches that didn’t taste like they didn’t belong! It was FANTASTIC!

Morris East has found a new location a hop skip and a jump from my home where the place is full of energy…filled with amazing food, wonderful atmosphere and fabulous people.

Unfortunately, faced with time constraints, we were unable to stay for dessert but had we the time, I would have ordered the amazing caramel apple tart that I’ve enjoyed in the past from their downtown location and have actually, seriously, dreamt of!

Drop into Morris East at their new location. Make a reservation. Plan on eating delicious  food while being served fabulous cocktails from the enjoyable and personable Jonathan.

I had a quick stop in and enjoyed my time! I look forward to my return. Soon! And often!!!

Thanks so much to my friend Nic at Pepper + Paint for allowing me to use her photograph in this post! Also, thanks for the info on the app I should download to get these great shots…now, if only I had your eye for photography!!! xo