The woman in the window…

I remember when I first started my Facebook Page for Curtains are Open. A friend had suggested it might be a way for folks to keep up-to-date with posts as I wrote them on my “brand new blog.”

I started the page…and was thrilled as each new member joined and followed along…waiting for me to write a new post and add the link to a status update. To date, 700 folks have “Liked” the page…each interacting with comments and likes…encouragement and love.

When it started, I used Salvador Dali’s art piece “Woman at the Window at Figueres” as my photo…a piece I’d always admired. Dali created the painting in 1925 of his sister, peering out the window into the Spanish seaside town where the Dalis spent their summers. To me, it shows hope for the future…a peacefulness…and originally, when I was facing an unknown, it gave me a great amount of hope to keep looking ahead.

Eventually, Facebook came up with Cover Photos and I somehow wanted my photo and cover to relate. The photo on my cover is of Spiderman from a few years ago…running with our noble beast, Zucchini, along the shores of one of my favourite beaches in Malagash.

And again, there was something about the woman looking out the window and seeing a child running along the beach…that gave me the “warm and fuzzies.”

Originally, the Salvador Dali piece was on my Blog as well. But, as time went on, I began branding it to something different…and the artwork slipped from my site.

Last year, in France, standing on the grounds where Dali spent much of his artistic life with Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso and Renoir…I was overcome. We’d about a five-hour window in Montmatre and the thing is, I’d need five days. We shopped through the stores and enjoyed people-watching over a glass or two of wine but there was simply NO WAY I could enter Espace Dali in the time frame I had. It would take me hours to peruse the 300 pieces that would take my breath away but to he honest, I was OK with it. I had a deep understanding that I would be back…that I’d do it again. The mere fact that I was standing in this little artist’s town that held such meaning to me…was enough.

Or, all I could handle.

In our short visit, I popped into the Dali store and purchased a few posters. I examined a few of the exhibits they had…knowing that the actual museum would keep me far too long in its grasp. The Tall Blonde, recognizing that I was in a different world and head space at that moment in Montmatre (probably due to the look on my face and sheer overwhelming panic in my eyes), had me purchase a touristy necklace depicting Dali’s “melting clock.” I’ve yet to be able to wear it. There’s a connection…from my old life to my new life…with the melting of time…and I can’t quite grasp the concept of how things have changed…and how I’m ok with it all.

Over the last few years my blog has been branded quite differently and yet, my FB page has remained the same. The Dali painting…and the beach. I’ve had a hard time removing both but I think it’s time. I’m no longer that person staring out the window. While it originally felt like “hope for my future,” it now feels a little “sad.”

My life is more vibrant…full of light and love and happiness than it was when I first started writing.

In the coming days (read weeks), there’ll be a change. I’m sure, some will wonder why I’ve departed from that photo so I thought I’d explain. I’d never really explained the meaning behind it to begin with…but now you know.

I’ve created something new in my life…with my writing…with my design work…with the changes I’ve gone through in the last few years…with moving forward.

I’m no longer watching my life unfold…I’m living it.

And I’m ready to let go.

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