Lion and Bright Cafe & Wine Bar…

Pssssst….hey Halifax! I know a secret.

See that door covered in plastic? Well, very soon, as in the next few weeks, Lion and Bright Cafe and Wine Bar will be opening! And I got a sneak peek!!

Attached to Local Source market on Agricola Street (known for fresh product, amazing cheeses and their fabulous catering), Sean Gallagher, owner of both the market and the soon to be opened restaurant, commented that they’ll be the “first cafe bar with a fresh grocery store as its pantry!”

As I peered around the doorway I was immediately struck by the size of the space. High ceilings. Brick walls. Amazing wood.

I can imagine how exquisite the space will be…even with the sawdust flying!

Sean, a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches and craft beer, plans on serving both in this welcoming location that will pay homage to the teams of oxen, known as Lion and Bright. Once used in logging, Oxen have been yoked together in Nova Scotia since the early 1600s. The one on the left, referred to as Lion…and on the right, Bright.

With beautiful wooden tables and and fabulous bar made from the wood of massive sugar maple and sycamore trees…and a 44 foot park bench of red oak that runs the length of the restaurant…surely Sean could have used a little oxen power to haul the materials to his new cafe!

Lion and Bright Cafe and Wine Bar will be opening in the next few weeks. They’ll offer fantastic food, acoustic music and a welcoming atmosphere in Halifax’s North End.

Spend a moment with Sean and he’ll have you just as excited as I am about this brand new spot! And come to think of it…I can hardly wait to try one of his grilled cheese creations!


Thanks so much to National Atlantic for inviting a group of bloggers to Lion and Bright to check out the new digs! Thanks also to Woozles, Two if By Sea, Jennifers of Nova Scotia, Wildflower, Duly Noted, Inkwell, Biscuit, Port of Wines, Freak Lunch Box, Boutique Joilette, JR Grismo, Propeller Brewery and Bishop’s Cellar for providing the FABULOUS local gifts to send home with each person in attendance!