If a tree falls…

In slow motion, as I sat on my couch this morning drinking my tea and admiring the newly decorated Christmas tree…it fell to the ground.

With a smash.

I tried to jump, grab the tree, yell timber…anything, that would make what was happening stop…but either it was too quick or I was too slow. Smashed glass, pine needles and a spray of water went barreling across the room as my trusty noble beast leapt over the fallen timber and bolted up the stairs.

I stood in shock as Bones arrived. Both of us staring at the broken glass that represented years of memories as described in last years’ post, “Ten Ornaments on my Tree.”

Our tree…is filled with sentiment.

My baby booties, the children’s pacifiers, years of ornaments given to each of them that represent each year as it’s passed…Grandmother John’s glass blown angel, Nanny Coady’s pine cone bear…memory after memory all hung from the branches…now strewn onto the floor.

Bones got the broom and with careful precision, we picked up the tree and inspected the damage…at first, seeming much worse than it was but in reality, not quite so bad.

A “Clementine” given to Bones last year for her love of the tasty treat…smashed. Her “English Riding Boot”…shattered. A clear bulb that once held sea shells and sand…now beached in the middle of the living room floor. Spiderman’s Harley…snapped in two. The glass “Gnome Hugging a Mushroom” given to The Tall Blonde…mushroomless. And Tink…poor Tink…now missing her head.

Not to mention her glittery wings.

Tonight, as it’s all back in place…as my parents spent the morning helping re-decorate the tree and tying it in place…as I crazy-glued multiple ornaments back together, re-strung the lights and counted my blessings for the number of ornaments that DIDN’T break compared to the ones that did…I smile.

Smashed glass could never take away the memories.

With the help of my family, our sentimental tree stands once again…a little less decorated than it did last night but answering the age-old question, “If a tree, falls in the living room…everybody cares.”

8 Replies to “If a tree falls…”

  1. So sad !! This happened to us this year too. Very sad to lose sentimental ornaments.. We had sob moment for sure… We are goign to try crazy glue and steady hands this week end 🙁

    • I bawled! But…just for a moment. 🙂 Don’t crazy glue your fingers together…that’s a story for another day! xo

  2. So sad, but nice that you blogged about your ornaments last year! At least you have photos of those ones. We had multiple ornaments break when the girls were little (not quite put on the tree right) but never a tree fall. I can’t imagine. 🙁

    • I’ll be tying from now on! I considered tying it to the curtain rod…but then I pictured the curtains coming out of the wall too! Never a dull moment.

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your tree, but glad it was only a few lost! This happened to us a few years ago, too (except our cat played a significant role) and we have tied the tree every year since then.

  4. Oh wow. I am glad it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, hopefully the repaired ornaments become new memories to enjoy next year.

  5. Ours fell a few years ago. It was like slow motion. The couch caught it before it completely hit the floor. Then I left it like that for 2 days laying across the arm of the couch. My husband was away and I didn’t want to touch it in case I made it worse! He’s the ‘crawl under and adjust those screws’ guy.