Take a Paige from her book…

A few weeks ago, I answered a tweet:

I was quick to respond.

You see, Paige is a Graphic Design student at NSCC. We’d seen each other around and met once…maybe twice…before following each other on Twitter.

Paige loves to create and send homemade cards so at Christmas, she sent out a similar tweet and from what I could tell, she was sending out cards and folks were thrilled…so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Seriously…what did I have to lose?

Yesterday, I got mail.

As in REAL honest to goodness MAIL! The kind of mail that’s full of yummy happiness. The kind you used to get when you were a kid…from your pen-pal, from your cousins and Aunts and Uncles…from your Nanny and Poppy. REAL MAIL! Not bills…not notices…not coupons or junk…pure, wonderful, happy, REAL mail.

That looked like this.

Hand written…stamped…beautiful.

I was thrilled.

THIS was not mail to be opened in the car and stuffed in the abyss beside the passenger seat to never be seen again. THIS was the kind of mail that deserved a little respect.

I took it home…placed it on my coffee table and poured myself a cup of tea before even considering opening its contents. When I did…little red sparkly hearts were dropping at my feet! As I carefully retrieved the contents from the wonderfully stamped envelope…it looked like this…

And I laughed!

Such a “Designer” thing to say for Valentine’s Day. Wonderful, fabulous paper, hand-painted…with just the perfect words.

And a note…

Ahhhh Paige. We all find inspiration in the craziest of places! Me…plum, whacked, crazy…inspiring folks without really meaning to.

As maturity does, I look at Paige with a much keener eye than I would have when I was younger…and here’s what I see…

I see a beautiful, lovely, talented girl with a mind of her own. Who’s quirky and sweet, passionate about everything to do with art…and love…and kindness. I see a young girl who could change the world simply by making it a brighter place. A girl who’s gifted with talents she has yet to discover. Who makes every room she enters just a little more happy…with her gigantic smile…and her colourful style.

Paige sees inspiration by what I’ve been through. She sees a woman who went back to school to chase after a dream. She sees someone who pours out her heart in writing…uncomfortable in her vulnerability yet willing to put it on display. Paige takes comfort from the bit of advice I throw her way from time to time. And, while I’m not discounting anything that I’ve done or who I am…my maturity…being a mom…the place where I currently am in life…it allows me to see a much bigger picture than the one Paige can possibly see.

For in Paige, I see so many things that I missed out on. I see a whole world before her that’s hers to embrace. I see a young woman with a passion and desire…a will and determination to go after what it is she most wants in life. I see a girl whose wants and desires are a little bit bigger than she is at the moment…and that’s so absolutely wonderful to see. For in time, with her persistence and courage…with the attitude she has and the tenacity she displays…she can have every single dream she dreams.

All Paige needs is to find that magic mirror we’re all looking for…the one that keeps on telling us how beautiful we are…until finally, we believe it.

Paige may find me inspiring…but it’s me…who’s greatly inspired.


PS – Check out Paige’s 2014 project…a daily recap inside the mind of a creative young woman…at 365 Days of Creating. Follow her on Twitter and take my advice…if Paige EVER tweets out that she’s sending mail…asking if you’d like to receive some…SAY YES! It will brighten your day…in that incredibly special way…that’s my friend Paige.

PPS – Now that you all know my address…send me mail! 

2 Replies to “Take a Paige from her book…”

  1. How sweet! I love snail mail.

    Inspiration is a funny thing. You never know when you’ll be inspired … or inspire, but I believe we are all capable of both.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paige is inspired and inspiring and has always been so as long as I have known her. She is like a rainbow on the most wonderful of sunny days. So glad that others can see what a treasure she is <3