Baking Bad…

Logic would suggest that a baking beater on warp nine placed in an unruly container would cause a great amount of cupcake icing to find its way to the ceiling…and wall…and everything within a 14 foot radius.

Then again, I was never one for being logical.

This morning, in amongst the mess of last night’s gathering…I found enough room to make the promised “birthday cupcakes” to bring to Bones’ volleyball tournament.

I’d cheated. I bought a mix.

OK…who am I kidding…that’s about as homemade as it gets around here.

Anyway, to go with the mix I purchase “icing in a tub” along with a “flavor packet” to turn my plain white icing into “strawberry shortcake!”

The directions were simple…form a large hole down the center of the container, empty flavour packet into the hole…stir contents until evenly mixed.

But…logically…a beater made more sense!

So…I poured in the packet, put just one beater on the ol’ mix master, shoved it into the container and began mixing.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have kept the icing in the fridge.

Anyway…things were going pretty good…the pink was mixing in albeit a little slowly…the icing was a little tough to manipulate since it had cooled to a hardened mass…so, being that I’m intelligent and all, I turned up the speed.

And that’s when things got silly.

For the record…I have arthritis in my hands and they’ve been a little out of control as of late. So, while holding a container of rock hard cake frosting in one hand and a warp nine beater in the other…it caused a great amount of force on my weak little digits…and, without thinking…I sort of let go!


Anyway…eventually I pulled the plug on the entire fiasco and with time running short I was forced to forgo the pretty little piping bag and its decorative icing bits and began slathering the cupcakes with the remainder of the icing that hadn’t splattered from one end of the room to the next hitting not only the ceiling but the floor, cupboards, counters and all that was on them…myself…and the dog.

In the end…the cupcakes were a success. I made it to the volleyball game in time…AND…by the time I arrived back home, the icing had hardened to the various surfaces making cleanup much easier than anticipated when I’d walked out of the house earlier this morning with my pretty pink confections…and a smattering of deliciously delightful strawberry shortcake icing in my hair.


9 Replies to “Baking Bad…”

  1. Frosted tips are *totally* a thing!

    What a good Mom!

    I kind of like how they turned out. The pink and white *could* be on purpose. 🙂

    • Definitely not on purpose! It was more like the stuff on the bottom of the container that hardly got mixed…but at least there was enough that I didn’t have to gather the stuff off the floor. Believe me…I thought of it!!!

      • You know, some people might have taken this as a cautionary tale…

        Me? I just came home with a Red Velvet cupcake mix, a can of frosting and an envelope of the “Cotton Candy” flavouring. 😀

        We’re having Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes for dessert after our Green Eggs and Ham!

        Yay! Thanks for the “tips”. 😉

  2. Great story. I was laughing before I got halfway through. I’ve had a similar incident and it
    was much funnier after the fact! Your cupcakes look good and most importantly you made somebodies day special….probably more than one…I know my day was brightened by your story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Yvonne…glad I could make you laugh. The team was pretty excited by the treat!

  3. Your cupcakes are fantastic, and the story to go along with them, hilarious! Thanks for linking up!

    • Thanks Jen! Good luck with your Cupcake Tuesdays…I’ll definitely follow along and hope to try making cupcakes again someday.