Cherry Berry…

Thursdays find me back and forth between the Bedford exit and the Halifax exit approximately 86 times…give or take about 80.

Spiderman has hockey at one time, Bones has volleyball at another…both are at two different highway exits with time in between for me to watch a little of each sport before getting one home and picking the next up…you know how it goes.

Sometimes I grab a few groceries. Sometimes I stroll through a store. Every now and then I grab another tea and catch up on my emails. Mostly…I wait.

But, last week…between dropping one off and being too early to drop the other off…with no time to run home and no interest in doing the large list of errands that needed to be done…Bones and I decided to pop into Cherry Berry at Larry Uteck!

Oh what a treat!

On arrival, we were greeted by their friendly staff asking if it was our first visit to their shop…which, despite Bones telling me numerous times that we should drop by…it was!

We got the tour…here’s the bowls, pick your size, here’s the flavours, pick what you’d like, here’s the toppings, go nuts, here’s the cold stuff, grab what you want, and here are the scales to measure it and price it when you’re done.

So…we grabbed our bowls and while Bones was throwing together some sort of nasty kid concoction consisting of three flavours of frozen yogurt, every sprinkle imaginable, a whack of gummy bears, a few berries, crazy looking round kiwis and more sprinkles…I maturely took up a pleasant amount of cheesecake yogurt topped with a smattering of both blueberries and strawberries.

Mine…a not surprising amount totally $3.14. Nothing more than I’d spend on a coffee or a treat anywhere else.

Bones’…well…let’s just say that next time, she’ll use a little bit of caution when it comes to her creation as the flavours didn’t quite go together, gummy bears harden when they’re cold and the large goop of wonder in her bowl was a little too much on both her palette and my wallet but…live and learn!

All in all…what a wonderful treat in a bright and cherry location where I happily wasted a little time with my girl between running from one activity to the next.

Sometimes…you just have to grab the moments when they hit you. And sometimes…you need to fill the bowl with as much as you can possibly fit in…and see what happens!

Happily, I have one more place that I can add to my “things I can do list” on Thursday nights, when I find myself running between exits like a lunatic…looking for a place to relax.

One Reply to “Cherry Berry…”

  1. You showed such great restraint! Bravo! Also, your treat was pi. Heh heh.
    (I’m dying to know how much the kiddo’s cup cost!)

    I am glad that it is a nice experience because I am certain when the warmer weather returns (It will return right? RIGHT?!?), I’ll be taking a Thing or two for some froyo and toppings!

    It looks like a really fun place to go for a treat!