Did I mention I started Weight Watchers?

Here’s the thing…I’m done. As in…done carrying this extra weight around, done being out of breath, done not feeling comfortable in my clothes and done not recognizing myself in the mirror.

So…I grabbed a friend who I knew would motivate me, then joined a few weeks ago.

Not only that…but on our first day, we ran into another friend who’d just joined along with her TWO friends and now FIVE of us have created a support group called PANTS…which is like the old group TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly)…except we’re PANTS (People Against Needing To Starve.)

Since joining, I’ve done nothing but think of food, boil eggs, chop vegetables and purchase fruit…and this last few days, I’m finally getting the swing of it.

I set a few goals: get to a point where I can shop in “regular” stores, fit comfortably in the stadium seats at St. Margaret’s Bay hockey arena, own a pair of jeans that require a belt, take a photo with my kids without forcing one of them to stand in front of me or taken in such a way that hides my extra chin…AND, look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.

With a bit of peer pressure from my PANTS…I can do this! Knowing others are expecting me to be at the meeting instead of lazing in my jammies at home will make it easier. Add to that…exercising is more fun with a friend, we get to complain to each other in our Facebook chat group about feeling hungry AND we can count on each other to figure out how many points are in a bottle of wine.


Give or take a few.

So far so good in that, I’m losing at a good pace despite not enjoying drinking the necessary water, I’ve clued into the difference between a “snack” and a “treat,” I’m eating Greek yogurt and berries like there’s no tomorrow AND while I’ve not had a single bite of fast food in three weeks…I’ve had so many salads with chicken that I’m at risk of belching out a “cluck!”

Yup…I’m doing it. Slowly. Finally. I’ve tried it in the past with little success but this time it’s different…this time I want it. For me.

And for my PANTS.

9 Replies to “PANTS…”

  1. Woo hoo. You go girl! It’s not easy but I “cluck” to you and your gals for taking charge.

    • Thanks Jody!!! I’m getting tired of chicken already! But I have a feeling I’ll make it this time.

  2. AWESOME! I miss Weight Watchers so much. I wish it was in the budget again. It was the easiest way I have ever lost weight… and I am feeling the need to lose weight again.

    GOOD LUCK. I have faith in you that you’ll rock it! 🙂

    • Yeah…it’s pricey for sure but at the moment…I think it’s the only thing that will work! Looking forward to a new and improved me…in a few months!!!

  3. When do you go? I’ve been planning to go since Jan. perhaps if I had someone to go with I would be motivated.