Table Twenty-Five…

Photo Credit: Anita Davidson Photography

There are a few things I absolutely love about life…they include Friends, Food and Art.

Combined…would be pretty freakin’ fantastic!

A few years ago, two friends, Kara and Nic, started their blog Pepper + Paint. The idea, to combine Nic’s amazing food and love of photography with Kara’s spectacular artistic ability.

I’ve been a fan of the blog since it started…a fan of both of these women, for much longer. In fact, Kara was the reason I chose to chase this Graphic Design career.

So, when they came up with an idea a few months ago for “Table Twenty Five“…I was pretty impressed. Kara and Nic decided it was time to bring their blog to life. The idea…gather up a room full of people…offer up a meal with Nic’s wonderful recipes paired with amazing wines…finish the night with a great amount of laughter and oh…one more thing…ART! Kara, would teach a creative piece…and everyone would go home with happy bellies, sore cheeks from a great amount of laughter…and a piece of art they created themselves.

As Nic explains on their blog:

“We offer a unique experience where friends can gather for a three-course small plates tasting menu, and a facilitated art session. It is an extension of our personal philosophy that food and art are meant to be shared in an environment that encourages dialogue and fosters creativity. Table twenty-five is a beautiful dinner party. It is an artistic journey. It is good friends and laughter and conversation. It is the tradition of food and art and community coming to life.”

THIS WAS TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY and I was so thrilled I jumped IMMEDIATELY online to purchase a ticket only to discover it was on the very same night that I’d planned a potluck with my former Graphic Design classmates and already, I’d turned down an interview with Platinum Blonde and WHY WAS EVERYTHING AWESOME HAPPENING ON THE SAME NIGHT!

So…I couldn’t go! While I had no issue turning down the Platinum Blonde interview, turning down dinner and art with friends…disappointed me to the core.

When the photos came out showcasing Nic’s beautiful food and the fantastic pieces Kara helped everyone created…photos of people laughing, enjoying each others company…creating…I WAS JEALOUS!

Photo Credit: Anita Davidson Photography
Photo Credit : Anita Davidson Photography

Then…as if that wasn’t enough…THERE’S A YOUTUBE VIDEO!!

AND…as luck would have it, the night was such a fabulous success…another Table Twenty-Five event is in the works! (Click here to purchase tickets.)

I’ll be there…you should too! Please join me on Friday, April 11th, at the Parenthesis Gallery, 2168 Gottingen Street in Halifax¹s North End. It is an inspiring space that is the perfect setting for an intimate evening. Meet my amazingly, talented, creative friends…share in a meal, some wine…and a bit of fun!

I’m incredibly proud of Kara and Nic…come for a night to see what I’m talking about. Surely, you’ll walk away from the evening full of joy and inspiration. The very same way that these two, live their lives.