Bunny Cake…

There are so many things I can remember about Easter as a child…such as our family, gathered together for a huge Easter feast…happy to indulge in the items we gave up for Lent! Joining an extension of Aunts and Uncles, cousins and Grandparents.

Colouring eggs. Our Easter baskets loaded with chocolate eggs…not to mention the ones the bunny left as a “path” from our bedrooms (that on more than one occasion was eaten by the dog!) There were the new Spring outfits. Silly String. Chocolate bunnies with candied eyes and jelly beans in their baskets. The wonderful egg with your name, perfectly written in white frosting. A brand new skipping rope to enjoy with friends as we’d head outside to skip to songs and rhymes I’ve long since forgotten.

And my momma’s bunny cake. Made with coconut she’d dyed herself by placing a little food colouring in a container and shaking the coconut until it was the colour she desired…the perfect tint for the inside of his ears. Jelly beans for eyes. Liquorice whiskers.

All made with love.

Tasked by Walmart to visit their store and check out their “Great Value” and “Our Finest” products…to put together an Easter Brunch…I was astonished by the number of brands they carried, both their own and others. I perused the aisles, gathering the things I needed to make my brunch. Then, loaded down with bags, I headed home and got to work making mom’s “homemade cake”…straight from a box!

Easter, for me, is about new beginnings. A sense of renewal and hope. A time that my family gathered in our faith…sharing a great amount of laugher and love. A bond that started in our home…and can never be broken. THESE are the memories I wish to give my children. Where love, traditions and time spent together are far more important than anything the bunny left behind.

Thanks to Walmart for sending me on a trip through their grocery aisles…and down memory lane. I’ve all of the items needed for a wonderful brunch next weekend complete with eggs, bacon, hash browns and juice! As well, I’ve a cake I’ll share with Bone’s volleyball team tomorrow evening.

The flowers…those are for mom…to thank her for every single bunny cake, every single Easter feast, and every single memory that she made.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to create this post, opinions are my own.