Have I told you about my bloggy friend Heather @ Mmm…Is For Mommy? Heather and I met for the first time maybe a year, year and a half ago while attending a blogger event at a bar downtown. I liked her. I got to know Heather much better when we attended WeDay together last November and shared a few tears over some heart wrenching and wonderful stories. Through the year, we’ve chatted and I’ve asked for her advice on many occasions and attended some events together in Halifax…and then, Heather created #HaliDip…and she became my hero!

In September, Heather and I boarded a plane and headed to Blissdom Canada…a blogging conference that allows us to meet with other bloggers across the country. We gather in large and small groups to learn everything there is about the ins and outs of blogging…where we socialize, party, and walk away inspired not to mention completely exhausted!

It was at that conference over Kahlua and French Fries smothered in gravy, that Heather and I decided we needed to do something together…we weren’t sure what! We’ve met a few times, chatted lots, and have many thoughts and ideas…and now it’s time to put the first one into action!

On November 19th, at 9pm on Twitter, Heather and I will officially join forces in our first of what will be a weekly chat with East Coast Moms, by East Coast Moms (or those who have Moms or just love Moms)…using the hashtag #ECMChat.

We want you involved. Moms, folks who support moms, bloggers, local companies…we want you to join in the conversation.

Our first chat is titled Welcoming Winter as the weather is changing and within ten days, when this chat begins…we’ll be well on our way to freezing! From 9:00pm to 9:45pm, Heather and I will ask questions and start a conversation with East Coast Moms…asking you for your opinion on everything and anything we’re in the mood to chat about!

For example…on the topic of Welcoming Winter:

  • If you’re a local company who has something awesome to keep us warm…chime in and tell us about your product!
  • If you’re a coffee shop who has the best hot chocolate in this city…we want to hear from you!
  • If you’re a blogger who’s written a post about winter activities or anything to do with the topic…share your blog link.
  • If you’ve just taken the most awesome photo of frost on your window…SHARE!
  • If you’re HRM and you want to tell us when the Oval opens for public skating…say what you’ve got to say!
  • If you’re a charity in need of warm clothes for your organization…please join the conversation and tell us what you need.

The skies the limit on who wants to chat and what you’d like to share…all you need to do is hashtag the conversation with #ECMChat…we’ll bring you the moms, the bloggers, the local companies…and hopefully some fun and entertaining conversation!

Following the #ECMChat each week, Heather and I will be heading to YouTube where we’ll recap the chat and draw the winner of the giveaway based on the folks who joined us on Twitter that week. We’ll post our video the next morning (where you’ll get to see how Heather and I are complete and utter fools)! We’ll post the link for all to view, share…laugh at our expense…and see who the weekly winner is!

We want to promote the East Coast…the bloggers who are telling their fabulous stories, and the people who make this such a wonderful place to call home.

Note to East Coast Companies:
If you’d like to get involved with the giveaway portion of our chat, please contact Heather or I through our About Me pages on our blogs. We’ll be happy to hear what you have to offer and welcome any of your ideas.

Note to East Coast Bloggers:
If you’ve a blog post you’ve written that you think would suit the conversation for the week…please SHARE! If you’ve an idea for an upcoming chat or would like to join us on our YouTube wrap-up…please contact us and we’ll make it happen! Heather and I have just returned from two different blogging conferences where the same thing was repeated time and time again…WORK TOGETHER! We’ll be promoting our blogs…and we want to promote yours too!

Note to East Coast Moms:
Spread the word, tell us what you’re thinking…join us in our conversation!

Upcoming #ECMChat:
When: Wednesdays, November 19th, 9pm.
Topic: Welcoming Winter
Giveaway: $50 Gift Card to Ryan Duffys.

Please spread the word…and join us on Twitter Wednesday evenings…starting the 19th!

Heather and I are super excited about working together…and we hope to see you at our first #ECMChat Twitter Party!

11 Replies to “#ECMChat”

  1. This sounds like so much fun! What a great idea! I think you guys are 2.5 hours ahead of me so I will see if I am able to attend. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great idea, lots of fun. Now I need to buy some wine and figure out this twitter thing! Pathetic I know but what a perfect excuse.

  3. Brilliant! I wouldn’t miss it! (And I’ve got an amazing idea/event happening in Newfoundland the next morning I’ll tell you about!) Yay!

  4. This is going to be fabulous! Evening is brilliant! 😀

    And you two really are flippin’ adorable.