Office meeting…


I missed a few appointments!

Luckily, not work related…still, I hate to let a friend down.

My on-line calendar…while it worked like a charm until now…is no longer cutting it. I’m booking coffees and lunches and not filling them in…trusting my over-worked brain to remember when honestly, nothing else can fit in. I book the date…of course with every intention to remember to mark it in the calendar when I get home…and it completely bounces right out of my brain.

So…after years of using an online calendar, I decided to switch back to paper…the very same way my To Do list landed on a bunch of paper a few months back. Luckily, I had one at my fingertips as DotMine Day Planners had provided them in our Swag Bags at Blissdom in September.

Give it a try I thought…paper is tangible…I can touch it…see it…make notes at random…this will be good. I filled in two-weeks of activities and items with the thoughts of testing it out…seeing how it went.

And as I stared at the appointment on my calendar yesterday…that simply said 3:30-5:00 OFFICE, I wondered…WTF?


What does that mean? What was I thinking? Is someone coming to my office? What a strange time? Am I going to someone else’s office? Who on earth did I promise to have a meeting with and why didn’t I write their name?

It baffled me.

I poured a cup of tea.

I went through my client list in my head and thought about my office and wondered and pondered and stressed…all I knew was that at 3:30…I promised an appointment with God Only Knows Who and it’s to happen in an office!

And that’s when it hit me… OFF ICE…as in MY KID HAS DRYLAND TRAINING! Not on the ice…not at the rink…OFF OF THE ICE…OFF ICE Training from 3:30 to 5 as he does every single week at that time! OFF ICE!

I’m an idiot!

Also, I’m currently color coding my calendar the same way the online calendar was color coded…blue for the kids activities, yellow for blog stuff…the rest is work!

Seriously…OFF ICE…not OFFICE!

What a dummy.

3 Replies to “Office meeting…”

  1. I still carry a paper day planner around as my main way to keep track of our crazy busy life – people poke fun at me all the time but I find it so much easier to deal with than any online or mobile calendar! And may times I can find something far faster than anyone can with their high tech calendars!! Your blog today made me laugh out loud – many times my hen scratch comments have left me as baffled! Off Ice – Love it!! 🙂

  2. My current Calendar is to put a bunch of post it notes on my steel fridge (since magnets don’t work) and use 1 per day. Yes I know that it’s a lot of paper but it has to be done. Everyone is involved in this plan. I mean to take a pic. I also change colours per month.