Giving back… plus a Giveaway!


One of my favourite parts of Christmas…besides the actual “giving” part…is my stocking!

Maybe I like little things…tiny treasures that you can keep to remember wonderful moments…items that someone picked out specifically for me…reaching deep in the toe for a fabulous treasure…my stocking, has always been my favourite.

When we were kids, Santa would stuff our stockings with the biggest Apples and Oranges along with jujubes shaped like bells and a great many delights. I cherished each item…savouring the moment.

Funny enough…my kids love their stockings too.

When filling a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child…that’s how it felt. That somewhere, in another country, not near as blessed as mine, a child may open this box full of goodies and feel the same warmth that I do when I reach deep in the toe of my stocking.

Yes, I added all the necessities…new brush and comb, panties, cloths, a small blanket and soap…some school supplies…but also, the silliness of play and fun…filled to the brim with stuffed toys and crafts as my mother would have filled mine…as I fill my children’s.

Operation Christmas Child has been operating for 22 seasons, bringing joy to so many children around the world. In 2013, 664,066 gift-filled shoeboxes were collected in Canada…with 10 million collected worldwide! The boxes are distributed to 100 countries on six continents.

While time is getting tight…it’s not too late! You can pack a shoe box online to send to a child by clicking right here.


In keeping with the spirit of giving, fill out the form below…make sure to comment on THIS POST telling us a wonderful way to give back during the holiday season. You can use your card in any way you wish…maybe to pack your very own Operation Christmas Child box, to buy a meal for someone in need, to donate it to a charity that means something special to you…or to treat a friend, who’s having a tough time this season.

Contest ends on December 14th, 2014. The winner will have 24 hours to respond and we’ll ship your gift card to you. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, 18+ (excluding Quebec). All entries are verified.

16 Replies to “Giving back… plus a Giveaway!”

  1. I make sure to take a bag to the food bank and this year also did 2 local shoeboxes and also another donation to a youth shelter.

  2. A couple of years ago I managed to get some time off in the week before Christmas and was able to donate my time to christmas cheer on the day that they were handing out all the food and present cart fulls. It was an amazing experience. I donate to Christmas cheer as many years as I can but the experience of being able to give my time there was a huge thing for me.

  3. A wonderful way to give back this season is donating new toys to children’s charities so that they can give the toys to kids in need for Christmas!

  4. I like to donate to local food drives , and womens shelters all year round , I think a lot of people tend to forget that the need doesn’t go away once christmas is over

  5. We give to stuff a bus as well as food is collected at school for food bank. We also fill a stocking for someone at my Nanas church!

  6. We did up two shoe boxes for the homeless here in Halifax. Same idea, just for adults. It’s a great idea organized through the church.

  7. I sing Christmas carols at the old age home where my grandmother is at sometimes and I’ll sometimes even sing for my grandmother. She gets really emotional every time.

  8. My sons and I do a shoebox every year to help them learn how to give during Christmas, not just get. Plus I think it helps them appreciate all that they have when they realize that there are others out there with much less. I think next year we’ll do 2 boxes though, I’ve already started to put stuff away for them!