Sunday Wrap-up #4…

It’s not until I’m sitting here on Sundays, summing my whole week up in a post, that I realize how fast time flies from one week into the next…some weeks a little busier than other and some, never quite reaching their potential.


I opened the week with the very first #KIAWorkingMom post with none other than the General Manager of KIA herself…Amanda Morvan. Amanda is currently promoting the Jammie Drive at their 402 Windmill Road location and I highly recommend you check it out. Every person bringing in their jammies gets a ballot for KIA’s 12 Days of Christmas event…with every prize being FREAKIN’ AMAZING!! Visit their Facebook page for all of the details.

I wrote a post for Netflix #StreamTeam called Sleep Baby Sleep…in keeping with their “Laughter is the Best Medicine” theme for this month. There really are TONS of shows on Netflix to keep you laughing…and it really and truly is the best medicine…unless there’s a sleeping child on your chest in which case, you have to tone down the laughter as there’s nothing worse than accidentally waking a babe that took you forever to settle down!

After screwing up on a couple of appointments, I’ve switched my calendar to a paper-based one rather than my on-line one. I wrote a post about one particular messed up office meeting that happened since I’ve switched to paper…but other than that, things seems to be moving along without a hitch.

I wrote a post for Tylenol Arthirits which is ironic as my fingers have been minding the cold lately. Click on the link to learn about all the various places on my body that hurt…and while you’re there, enter to win a $50 Visa Gift Card ’cause there’s no better medicine for pain than having a few extra bucks in your pocket…or is it Tylenol…or laughter! Ahhh…whatever…fifty bucks is up for grabs!

And finally…I hauled out the crafts and wrote a post about building a snowman which completely brought me back to a simpler time when I used to spend hours on end making crafts with a friend. I was actually pretty good at it and may have to start incorporating some creative pieces into my blog posts! Also…while making these snowmen…I made myself a new pair of fingerless gloves! Win Win!


Tuesday evening had me at my first Christmas Party of the year…hosted by President’s Choice at the Sackville Superstore. We were treated to a meal by Chef Richard Julien, who I’d met a few years ago as he hosted a party in my home for Little-One’s 40th birthday…taking over my kitchen and creating an awesome meal!


Tuesday night was the same…using PC products, Chef Richard created a turkey dinner that was wonderful…gravy to die for and sweet potatoes that I’ll be making this year myself!

We met with Scott form Scotsburn Dairy as he discussed…and then we taste tested…their new President’s Choice Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge Crackle Ice Cream that was SIMPLY AMAZING! Scott discussed their flavour and what they did in keeping with PC’s new mandate to remove all artificial flavours and artificial colours from the full range of more than 4,000 President’s Choice® brand products.

We also met with Forest Glen Greenhouses from Brookfield…a family owned company who supply the Pointsettias for the Atlantic Superstores. We happily all came home with a plant of our own, along with many treats from the Superstore to fill our pantries for the holidays ahead.

Wednesday evening’s #ECMChat was another grand success! We chit chatted about Holiday Decorating and gave away a $100 Holiday Centrepiece from Dean’s Flowers. Lots of local folks and businesses came in to chatter about all things related to decorating…including Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia who had me laughing about their window display! Apparently, Jennifer’s staff are known to get caught up in that fancy mesh ribbon that you find in all of the stores now! From what they say, it gets all tangled up in your hair and clothing while you’re trying to work with it. So, next year, I’m parking a chair outside their store while they’re working on the window display…just for a little holiday entertainment!

Christmas Daddies also popped in for a visit during our #ECMChat…with a reminder that next weekend is the annual Christmas Daddies show on SATURDAY…a new day for them! It’s a tradition for me to decorate during the broadcast so apparently if you’re looking for me…I’ll be hanging out at home and decorating on Saturday of next weekend!

Don’t forget to join us this coming Wednesday evening at 9PM on Twitter for our third East Coast Mom’s Chat…where we’ll be talking about Holiday Entertaining. Our giveaway will be a $50 Gift Card from Pseudio. Oh…and make sure to like East Coast Moms on Facebook for upcoming topics and giveaways.

For the second year on Friday, I spent the full day at We Day! I haven’t written a post about it yet but I’ll do that in the next few days. Suffice it to say, the energy always fills me and these kids make me believe that they really can and WILL make a difference! It’s a wonderful organization to be apart of and many thanks to Telus for once again inviting me to be part of the experience.


OK…first off…just ’cause I say more about my blog on this wrap-up, doesn’t mean I’m not working at my “real job!” 🙂

Simply put…I’m not so free to speak about what I’m working on with Design work as I am with blog work. At the same time, the blog is on fire at the moment and I find I’m working on blog stuff a fair bit…and while I tried to keep the two businesses separate, I think they’re more closely related to one another than I’d originally anticipated.

I’m not really sure how it’s all going to look as a complete business…or how I can combine my writing with my design work to make it all seamless…and I’m still trying to figure a few things out. Luckily, I have Nora at the Centre for Women in Business and in the New Year, we’re going to spend a little time trying to map out a plan so I can visualize the big picture!

Currently, I’m branding a new company that’s super exciting…I keep coming up with these fantastic ideas (if I do say so myself) and the woman I’m working with is full of energy and excitement for what’s ahead for her. She says I “excite” her as I help her come up with new concepts and it’s pretty cool to hear things like that. I LOVE working with new businesses and startups and feel, in some way, that I’m helping to pay back a little as I know how tough it is to turn your dreams into reality.

I also landed a brand new client this week that I’m pretty pumped about. And I’m about to do some package designs for another company…so that’s all pretty fun stuff. Sometime over the holidays, I plan on updating my website with all of the new work I’ve been doing…so I can share a little more of my projects with you.

It’s been a good year for work and honestly, I really like being in a position…with both Curtains are Open and Drawbridge Creative…that allows me to be creative. I’m having fun…which is so much more than a lot of people can say about their jobs. And…while I’m having fun, I’m building something I”m incredibly proud of! Now, I just need to find a way to make it all a little more sustainable for my future.


Let’s see…with the Junior High Volleyball season coming to an end, we had a little less of a busy week than normal. (Not that hockey doesn’t fill my calendar!) However, the break in the calendar won’t last as Club Volleyball tryouts start on December 7th and run for about a week of stress before finding out what team Bones lands on!

I finished my meds for a sinus infection and it seems to have done nothing whatsoever…which probably means I’ll be heading back to the doctor tomorrow to keep trying to figure this thing out. I’m fighting one cold after the next and trying my very best to stay warm…even buying a new coat with a furry hood to hide inside!


Speaking of hiding inside, on Tuesday, I was supposed to spend the day in court over the final phase of negotiations to do with my divorce…however, by late afternoon on Monday, all was signed and court was cancelled. There’s not much more I’ll say about that except that now…I can move forward…again. Also, none of this crap is easy and I feel badly for anyone going through it. For the last few weeks (possibly months), I’ve been back into “hermit mode” and while my life seems full and busy…my social life has been slightly less so. Going through this stress is not fun…in any way. And, trying to keep a clear head and focus on work when sometimes you just want to crawl under the covers and wish it all away…has proven to be a little difficult. My hope is now, once this crazy and wonderful holiday season is behind us…I can begin to set some goals for my future…and forget about what happened in the past.

Wednesday evening during the #ECMChat I was laughing on the couch with Snuff. It’s been awhile since we’ve managed to find some time to spend together and I went to bed that night with a big grin on my face. (Also, I woke up with a bit of a hangover!) Snuff has truly been an amazing friend over the last few years…one of those blessings that I’ll never take for granted.

Thursday evening found me in Dartmouth with my Thursday Night PANTS group…eating Fish Tacos and laughing until I couldn’t catch my breath…I’m not quite sure what we were giggling about entirely except that it involved a bottle of Fat Bastard (or two), a nostalgic and vintage bird teapot, a swollen knee, a couple of sea creatures and a twitter lesson…plus a few of the most honest and hilarious women I’ve ever met!


And the weekend…well, I rested! I drove kids around, chatted with The Tall Blonde (as we begin our count down to her arrival home), did a little Christmas shopping and caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

And…that’s how it looked…for another busy week!