Ocean Optometry…

I’ve been squinting for about two years now…evident from the tiny lines appearing on either side of my temple.

On top of that, I’ve cut out any night-time driving if it’s raining…and if it’s not raining, I’ve a ten-year-old pair of glasses with the nose pieces broken off…that I can wear in a pinch..and truly, they really do pinch!

I also use these specs when I’m laying in bed to see the guide on the TV as apparently, I have trouble seeing things far away…AND close up. Which is what lead me to believe I need bi-focals (or progressive lenses as they’re eloquently called these days!)

Damn I’m old!

I chose to go to Ocean Optometry because, quite simply, they have this amazing online presence!

I started following them awhile back…they’re quick to support local businesses, have a hilarious humour (which turns out the partners are both from the UK so this shouldn’t be surprising), they’re constantly adding to online conversation and on top of that…they have a couple of great guys running the show who can do all of your eye exams while also featuring fantastic hand-crafted frames from independently owned companies.

Seriously…what did I have to lose? (Except for my vision which is slowly getting blurrier and blurrier onaccounta my ridiculous age!)

When I first phoned in to book my appointment, I chatted with Mike Bonang…Mike and I figured out a time that would work and he followed it up with an email questionnaire where I quickly filled out a little required information on-line…easy peasy. The day before the appointment, things kind of went a little crazy and I got to thinking I should probably re-book…then, low and behold, a “reminder” email came in with the appointment information and the following note…

“We understand that occasionally we all may need to re-schedule appointments, so if you find that this time becomes unavailable for you please either reply to this e-mail, click on this link, or call our office on (902) 446-4470.”

WHAT? Seriously? No…if you cancel your appointment we’re coming to get you ’cause you’re rude and inconsiderate and no one cares how busy you are? No…we’re charging you seventy million dollars ’cause our time is worth a whole lot more than yours even though when you come in for your appointment we’re just going to make you sit there and wait ’cause we overbook! What the what?

I kept the appointment.

These were my kind of people and that was an awesome note!

(Except I should tell you that the font they use is small…I think it’s a “hey you need glasses” kind of a trick they’re trying to pull!)

I headed out for my appointment, parked the car, and discovered they’re RIGHT NEXT TO PIZZA CORNER!

Like…seriously, if you were sitting on the rock church wall (not the “Rock Church” but the “rock wall”) grabbing a late night donair…and you looked down the hill…you’d see Ocean Optometry’s cool eye glasses hanging from the front of the building.


When walking into their shop, I was immediately taken by the look and feel. It’s warm, cozy and completely modern…which is easy to pull off when you have the awesome exposed brick of an old Halifax building. For someone who’s not a fan of doctors appointments…it didn’t feel “clinical” in any way.


I met Mike at the front desk, who quickly whisked me away where he ran a few tests that blew puffs of air in my eyes and flashed brilliant lights in them. Which was not un-fun…as Mike kept me entertained with his whacky humour.

Also…I’d be remiss not to mention that Mike makes all of the window displays including fabricating this fantastic dog that’s dressed up perfectly for the holidays!


In fact, the entire store was decked out for the holidays!



Once the preliminary testing was done, I then met with the esteemed Dr. Euan McGinty who’s been geeking out on everything to do with eyes for as long as he can remember…his Dad was an Optometrist and Euan knew early what he wanted to do. He and Dr. John Wilson partnered and opened Ocean Optometry in April of 2013…while I didn’t get a chance to meet John in person…his story is fascinating! (Click on their names to read their stories!)

Euan and I chatted about all things to do with vision…and a whack of stuff to do with social media…as it seems he’s often the tweeter behind the hilarious tweets.

With the joking aside, Euan got to work to make sure I knew the difference between “One…or Two…” and to see that I could read every last letter right down to that very bottom corner.



Later, when he showed me the difference between my current vision and what my vision should be…I let out a “Holy Shit” and he followed it with “We can rebuild her” in a hilarious Scottish Robot accent from the Six Million Dollar Man.

He also showed me this picture of my eyeballs!


Which looks vaguely similar to my mammogram photos…albeit a little more round and a lot less squished.

Anyway…as expected, I need “progressive lenses” which simply means that I’m progressing into the next phase of my life where everything that used to work fantastic is now falling apart.

Except that, for this body part that’s falling apart, you get to wear a cool fashion accessory!

Mike and Euan both got into the action as they picked out frames they thought would suit my face and personality. Then, they each voted what was their first, second and third pick giving me lots of options to choose from.

Side note: Remember to take Mike and Euan bathing suit shopping next summer.

In the end, I picked these ones and in one week, they’ll be on my face!


Check out Ocean Optometry on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for fabulous conversation and a whole whack of laughs. While they’re running a professional eye clinic…complete with everything necessary to care for your vision and make sure you’re in good eye-health…they also provide a wonderful array of glasses to suit everyone’s needs (including children!) AND, they feature a “Catch of the Day” and post the photo on social media…which ironically, last Wednesday, was ME!

Finally…they have this AWESOME logo and brand themselves fantastically and as a Graphic Designer…those are the sorts of things that totally excite me!

That…and the potential to soon see the work on my computer!


Give Ocean Optometry a call…tell them I sent you!  Your eyes will love you for it.

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  1. I really want to go here for my next eye appointment – which needs to happen , oh, you know, a year or so ago!

    I have avoided progressive lenses for as long as possible, but yeah, it’s time. *harumphs*

    Dare I ask what the cost comparison is between here and say a large national chain? Certainly the experience sounds way better, of course, but I have to ask! 😀