Come party with Mudwraps to Manicures!


If you’ve followed Curtains for any length of time, you’d know that the owner of Mudwraps to Manicures, Lisa Belanger, is a friend of mine.

Lisa and I go way back. I don’t know when we met to be completely honest…or when we got so close…but suffice it to say, I rely on her for my mental well-being. She’s nuts (which says something about my mental well-being) but besides being nuts and having this sense of humour that’s completely in-line with mine…she’s pretty amazing.

I’ve watched how Lisa runs her business…I’ve seen how she’s given back to her community and women in general…and I’m a little bit in awe of what an amazing person she is.

Lisa makes me laugh, takes me on adventures (Nancy Drew and the Legend of the Plastic Woman), helps me with my fear of change (Change is Good), treats me to Spa Treatments when she can’t stand the look of my eye-brows anymore, supports me (Love Wins)…and is just always there to back me up and lend a helping hand.

I guess our relationship works both ways. We honestly support one another in our personal and professional lives…and we sit next to each other at our sons hockey games and travel to tournaments together…so it’s a win/win all around!

Last month, when I told Lisa all about East Coast Moms…and how we were starting Twitter Parties…she immediately jumped on it with an excited “I want a Twitter Party!” Then, she went on to explain what dress she would wear, how she’d do her hair and what shoes would be perfect for the occasion.

“Ummmm…no one will see you,” I explained.

And then…we had a lengthy discussion about what a Twitter Party was and how exactly a party is a party if you’re all alone in your house on your couch in your housecoat with a glass of wine…and a hundred or so friends on Twitter!

Eventually…I got Lisa past the idea of not wearing a cocktail dress and completely on board with the concept of a Twitter Party. A one hour “party” on Twitter where folks get together to talk about your business…your products and services…have a bit of a discussion and a fun chat…and win a few prizes.

Lisa was IN! As always…completely excited about trying something new!

AND…you’re invited!


PLEASE JOIN US for a bit of fun and foolishness, where we’ll talk about Spa-Related things (remember Lisa is NUTS so there might be a hilarious question or two)…while sitting on your couch and hanging out on line with a whole bunch of folks on twitter.

If you’ve never been to a Twitter Party before…you’re in for a REAL TREAT! All you need is a Twitter account and we’ll help you along if you have any questions. And…should you choose to wear a cocktail dress and heels rather than the standard Twitter Party PJs and slippers…that’s entirely up to you!

You’ll need to RSVP for this party to be eligible for prizes by adding your name to the list below…but here’s where things can get slightly confusing when filling out the form (the first time I ever filled out an RSVP for a Twitter Party I completely messed it up!!) For “LINK TITLE OR BLOG TITLE“…you need to put your Twitter Handle (for example, mine is @curtainsareopen), for “URL“, you need to put your Twitter URL (ie: for my twitter, it’s – yours is the same right up to the “curtainsareopen” part…then it’s your twitter name not mine), for “Email“…just put your email address and for “Name” you can put your Twitter Handle again! I’m so sorry this makes NO sense…but no one has created an easier form…if you’re having trouble, just email me and I’ll help you out!  (Complete Rules and Regulations can be found here.)