A “deck makeover”…from the Atlantic Superstore Garden Centres!


Do you know what way your house faces? As in, what way the sun shines?

Me…I’m gonna go with a no!

The thing is, along with never learning my times tables, I’m not very good with directions. I’m a “turn left, turn right” kind of a girl not a “go east, go west” girl. Though, if I were a young man…I might be a “go west young man” kind of a young man…but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking flowers…what way your house faces determines what kind of flowers you’re going to put on your front deck so they don’t just drizzle up and fall over the sides of their containers…and me…I have no sweet clue what way my house faces!

The problem is…I was getting this fabulous deck makeover from the Atlantic Superstore Garden Centres…and I needed to know!

So…I google mapped my address…and there, I discovered absolutely nothing!

So…I texted my folks…’cause they know everything…like, WAY MORE than Google kind of everything!


Or…I thought they knew everything…up until that moment!

(And in case you read that last part of the message…that’s my Dad telling me there was lots of chit-chat at our bi-weekly #ECMChat on Wednesday nights on Twitter! He’s my biggest supporter…so you should really join us…’cause he’s watching.)

Anyway…back to figuring out what way my house faces…I texted my brother.

photo 1

OH MY GOODNESS! Where is the sun now? At that texting moment it was raining and yucky and I HAVE NOT IDEA! We just had the crappiest winter in history and hadn’t really seen the sun too many days and at that exact moment on a dreary spring day…it was behind the clouds!

photo 2

Apparently I just needed to say that  I get sun in the afternoon!

So…anyway…likely, this is the reason I’ve killed flowers in the past as I’m unaware of which way my house faces (and possibly also due to the simple fact that you have to water and feed them.)

BUT…despite my lack of any kind of knowledge whatsoever about caring for plants (hey, I’m lucky I water and feed my kids), the incredibly talented Loblaw’s Garden Guru, Peter Cantley…and the fabulously floral Judy Thompson of Forest Glen Greenhouses, selected the most amazing flowers for my front deck makeover (all available at the Atlantic Superstore garden Centres and grown in Brookfield, Nova Scotia, by Forest Glen Greenhouses.)

Sitting on my front steps, overflowing on my wicker table (where up until last week still housed my Christmas Wreathe), resting on my windowsill (this is my favourite and I’d never once thought to do it) and hanging from hooks…are THE MOST GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL mixture of Orange Geraniums, Red Petunias, Hot Orange Calibrachoa and Coral Verbena. My deck is a delight of colour and happiness and makes coming home and sitting on the front porch to enjoy the afternoon sun (on the non-rainy days) is an absolute treat!

To keep them beautiful and lasting throughout the summer, I’ll be using PC Magic Grow plant food…adding it just once this season by sprinkling it on top of the soil and every time I water…a little food will be released. The big thing for me will be to remember to water regularly…every day or two (when soil is dry to the touch). On top of that…to keep it all beautiful and fresh, I’ll need to deadhead the geraniums when the blooms have faded in order to encourage new buds. The petunias and verbena will also need a bit of deadheading, but the calibrachoa will take care of itself.






Drop by your local Atlantic Superstore Garden Centres to see all of the new and exciting Maritime-grown flowers, edibles, shrubs and more…available now!


Disclaimer: I was provided these wonderful flowers in exchange for writing this post. All opinions, as always, are my own! Here’s hoping for sunny days…and that I manage to keep these glorious flowers alive!

4 Replies to “A “deck makeover”…from the Atlantic Superstore Garden Centres!”

  1. Your post is probably the best advertisement for Superstore Garden Centre. The pictures are beautiful. Now see if they’ll do your back deck.

    • Hahah! I just got new back deck patio furniture too! And yes, bloggers are a great new way to advertise! Especially if we love the product. The flowers truly are beautiful…I can’t wait to see how much they grow and I’d have shown a full photo…but I need to get the deck painted as soon as we have a good few sunny days in a row!