My dog needs a bionic knee!


Remember the look on this sad face?

It was August of last year. Zuke had just spent the last few months pretending she was a tripod and I’d finally taken her to Bridgewater Veterinary for surgery to repair her knee…so she could ditch the pain and find her way back to walking on all fours. (Read post: Telling a Sad Tale for more info.)

It was a pretty serious procedure that had her putting her foot down a few weeks post-surgery and slowly adding more weight…until she eventually got back to a pretty normal life.

Had I my time back…I’d still do the surgery, however, it’s not perfect. There are days when she runs around the yard like a fool and next thing you know…she’s back on three legs. It doesn’t last long…not even a day really…but it still happens. Other days, she wants a little help into the car or up onto the bed…where once she would have thrown herself around…she’s a bit more careful…maybe a bit more wimpy…definitely milking it for everything she’s got!

She has arthritis…which had already started to appear before the surgery in her damaged joint…in a human, she had the equivalent of a torn ACL…so I guess anyone reading who’s had knee issues can commiserate with my pup.

I’ve been working with Chris Cowper-Smith of Spring Loaded Technology for a little while on some graphic design work. He’s got a pretty neat company…making bionic knees! Like…Six Million Dolllar Man stuff! Braces for adults that will allow more flexibility to a damaged joint…allowing an individual to be more active…with less discomfort…so they can continue doing all of the things that they love.

Like run around the yard and dig up bones.

Oh wait…that would be dogs…

Anyway, Spring Loaded Technology wrote a blog post this week about how their technology may indeed be transferred someday into building bionic knees for dogs…which would be pretty awesome! Just ask my dog!

So…why am I telling you this? Well, it’s pretty cool actually. Spring Loaded Technology is in the FINAL DAY of asking for VOTES for the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award! Which, would give this pretty neat Nova Scotian company a $100,000 cash award that will help push this company even further.

Check out their video and VOTE HERE if you like what they have to say! They’re teetering back and forth in first place for the last few days…and could really use a push to get to the finish line!

Then maybe, down the road, I can convince them to make a little doggie brace for my sweet pooch…who could really use a leg up…or a leg down…whatever way you want to look at it!



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    • Thanks Peady! Go vote one more time (you can do it everyday and it’s over tomorrow!)

  1. Hi Queen!

    What a sweet little dog! I stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago and I have loved your posts. I had a question about a post you wrote awhile back – it was for a birthday party and you made an amazing “70 Reasons We Love You” display. I am trying to duplicate it for my mother’s 60th birthday on Illustrator and I am having no luck 🙁 Would it be possible to send me the Illustrator file? Not even sure how that works haha. Thank you for any help, and again, LOVE your blog!