7 things I love about the 2016 KIA Sorento and 1 that I could care less about!

“You should get this car,” Spiderman’s friend said as I was driving them to play street hockey. “What kind of engine is this?”


Only a few days before I’d sat in the showroom while Amanda Morvan told me all about the car and as she explained the engine, I was wrongly thinking, “No one’s gonna ask me about the engine.”

However, I’d forgotten I spend quite a bit of time with a group of teenaged boys…which they’re difficult to forget based on the amount of large shoes in my front hall on a regular basis and lack of food in my fridge!

“It’s a 2.0 Turbocharge,” I said.

“You should get the 4.0.” came his reply?

“And why exactly would I need that much power?” I asked.

At that moment, I was late for a dinner engagement with a couple of girlfriends. I’d been ready to leave when I was asked if I could drive them to their game. However, as things often go with teens, just as I started to drive I was told I needed to pick up the goalie AND I had to run by another house to pick up a stick!

“It would be good when you’re running your errands and you can get it all done faster…not be late for stuff” was his answer.

“Really,” I sarcastically said. “‘Cause I’m thinking I’d be on time for all of my appointments and get everything done quickly if I didn’t have to drive you fools all over the place!”

Ahhhh…there was laughter.

For the last few days, I’ve been living it up in style in the 2016 Sorento…quite enjoying the luxury. I think I’d like a sunroof…maybe even leather seats if I was going to splurge…but the 2.0 Turbocharge engine is completely enjoyable on the highway and suits me just fine.

Here are a few other things I REALLY like about the car and would quite enjoy if it were mine…and one feature I’m really NOT interested in having!

1. The console has room for me to put my phone, keys, wallet and still have room for a tea! (Plus, there’s a spot for sunglasses overhead). The amount of space for “stuff” is pretty spectacular if you ask me! At the moment, I’m driving a car where the cup holders hold various things but then I need to get a tea and my wallet gets placed in the seat until there’s a kid in it and then it ends up on the floor and there’s no room for my bits and pieces.


2. The back has plenty of room to stuff in a gaggle of girlfriends and if I had more girlfriends along for the ride, there’s a large trunk that could easily fit a few hockey bags so surely it could fit half a dozen more friends.


3. It completely looks awesome in my driveway and matches both my house AND my dog…which is a bonus if you ask me.


4. The backup camera is fantastic. I’m almost forgetting to look over my shoulder anymore which could make things difficult when I have to return the car to KIA! Alright, just kidding, I still look over my shoulder but honestly, the back up camera would be awesome especially at the barn when I’m always afraid of hitting an animal running behind my car (barn cat…not horse!)


5. I really like the storage compartment in the trunk to put away all of my things even though it’s hard to tell if the car is truly locked or not because you believe it’s locked, but then you open it and it unlocks because the key fob is in your pocket. However, the thought of someone stealing your stuff keeps you a little frustrated so you lock it and test it again and sure enough it still opens. So finally, you lock it…walk away…but leave your kid standing there so you’re far enough away with the key in your pocket and when she tests it…it really is locked so you can feel a little more secure.


6. Plugs! The last time I drove a KIA I was pretty impressed with the plugs as well but the thing is, I spend a lot of time working from my car and I can’t tell you the amount of times my computer battery dies and I’m left in a bit of a lurch! So…the ability to plug in is pretty awesome in my books…that, and there are MULTIPLE USB ports throughout the SUV which would keep all of my kids, and all of their friends, pretty happy!


7. Everything just feels right. There’s lots of room. The windshield is huge for sitting back and watching a game while my seat went back nice and far so I had plenty of room to work…all of the buttons I need were right on my steering wheel and I enjoyed the media capabilities as soon as I plugged my iPhone in…it all just felt right.



And then the one thing I’m not in ANY WAY interested in…is this!


Tether ability for THREE different car seats! THREE. I’ve been there…done that…and while this is a fabulous feature in that there’s actually room for three children’s seats all in one row…I’m so very glad I’m past that stage in my life!

Instead…there’s lots of room for hockey gear and friends, all the bits and pieces of things I bring with me on a regular basis, a huge windshield to allow me to sit back and watch a full game of volleyball or a riding lesson, lots of plugs, storage, safety…and it’s pretty!

Oh…and on top of that, it has a 2.0 Turbocharge engine that’s perfectly awesome…for getting me everywhere I need to go. That much faster.

PS…If you’re looking for technical specs on the engine or anything else you don’t see listed in my “It has lots of cup holders and I love the new car smell” review…visit O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth online…or pop in for a test drive. Tell them I sent you!


Disclaimer: I am a Brand Ambassador for O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth and happily work with them on community events and celebrating #KIAWorkingMoms. From time to time I even get the fabulous opportunity to drive one of their cars! All opinions, as always, are my own. 



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