Join us for Wicker Emporium’s #WickerParty Twitter Party


A walk through any of Wicker Emporium stores and I’m taken with the number of things I’d like to have in my home…in fact, take a walk through my home and you’ll find plenty of treasures I found at Wicker Emporium!

As their website explains, Madan Kapahi arrived in Canada from India in 1967 to practice law. Within a short period of time, he found himself looking to purchase traditional wicker furniture…a comfortable reminder of home. It wasn’t long before he realized that the furniture he was looking for could not be found locally…and this entrepreneur had an idea! With regular shopping trips to Europe and Asia, Mr. Kapahi opened his first store in Halifax in 1972 and what began over 40 years ago, has grown to include twenty-three stores throughout the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario…and still remains a family-owned business today.

I visited a few of the stores to take a look around and could find things I’d like to purchase in many of the photos below whether I’m looking for:

  • solid wood furniture
  • leather
  • wrought iron
  • upholstered accent furniture
  • lighting
  • mirrors and wall art
  • storage solutions and basketware
  • home textiles
  • floor and window coverings
  • outdoor furniture and accessories
  • accessories and home decor items










The East Coast Moms…Colleen O’Dea (@curtainsareopen), Heather Nolan (@MmmisforMommy), and Laura Snow (@mylifeinthesunn)…along with our friends at Wicker Emporium, want to show you all of the wonderful things that Wicker Emporium has in store!

We’re inviting you to join us for a fantastic twitter party…where we’ll talk about home decor and entertaining…while giving away ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS in gift certificates to be used at any of the Wicker Emporium stores!



JOIN US as #weParty:

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the party, connect with Wicker Emporium through their website or on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see all of the amazing things they have to offer!

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11 Replies to “Join us for Wicker Emporium’s #WickerParty Twitter Party”

    • We’re greatly looking forward to the opportunity to party with you folks! The stores are full of fabulous things…it was easy to take photos…everything looks beautiful.

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