Top 10 Wishbook Wants #SearsWishbook

Who can remember getting the Sears Christmas Wishbook as a child?!

For us…it was an awesome day!

I would spend hours daydreaming about the beautiful things inside…wondering if I’d be the kid to get the massive dollhouse from Santa and dreaming about someday being the lady who’d open the beautiful earrings on Christmas morning.

With the arrival of the Wishbook, the countdown for the holidays began! As a young girl, I’d make lists of things I wanted for Christmas, limiting the things I dreamed of as I knew not to ask for everything…but adding a few special items “just in case.”

Last week, I received an advanced copy of the catalogue and went through it from front cover to back…then front again…as I chose my “Top 10 Wishbook Wants!

In no particular order…here’s my Christmas list from this year’s Sear’s Wishbook.

1. Jammies!

Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without the coziest PJs to spend your day in! These 2-pc Dream Sleepers found on page 9 of the catalogue, are just perfect for spending the day on the couch with a hot drink and a fabulous book! Plus…they have hearts all over them…and what’s Christmas without a ton of LOVE!


2. Warm Coat

During Canadian winters, we have to dress for all sorts of weather and sometimes it’s nice to put on coat with a turtleneck to jump in and out of the car rather than bundle up like the abominable snowman!

This Jessica Faux-Wool car coat (found on pages 66L), is perfect for those in-between days!


3. Boots

While I love my Sorrels and can’t imagine wintering without them…NOTHING beats a great pair of “riding” boots worn with a great pair of tights on a crisp day!

These over-the-knee Fergalicious boots found on page 92, are absolutely perfect!


4. Faux-Fur Throw

I love the roar of a fireplace and the smell of cookies baking in the oven on a crisp cool day…but curled up under a warm blanket and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC!

While you’re decorating your home for the holidays, make sure to add some cozy throws to cozy up your home! (Found on page 104.)


5. Candles

Speaking of decor, how about filling your mantle with these beautiful Mercury Glass candle holders in various sizes! (Found on page 182.)


6. Coffee

And what’s all this laying around on the couch without a great cup of coffee? This Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine (page 190) is a fabulous addition to any home creating the perfect coffee every time (but unfortunately it doesn’t deliver!)

This is CRAZY out of my budget…but what’s a little wish list without a little dreaming!


7. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Speaking of wish-lists and dreaming…I have ALWAYS wanted a KitchenAid Stand Mixer as somehow, I’m sure I’d be a much better baker if I had this fantastic appliance on my kitchen counter!


8. Luggage

This year, I hope to do a little more travelling and by “travelling”, I don’t mean “work” travel or “sports” travel…but an actual vacation that has me planning and dreaming and counting down the days. So…I’ll add luggage to my “Top 10 Wishbook Wants.” (Found on page 166.)


9. Hoverboard

AND…since I’m looking for a new adventure…let’s go way out on a limb here and see just how many limbs I can break with this fabulous Hoverboard! (Found on page 117.)



The Christmas Wishbook is in the house and the countdown to the holidays has officially begun with 72 sleeps until the big day is here!

While the Wishbook is filled with wonderful things, there’s nothing I want more than my entire family gathered in my home…curled up on the couch in our jammies…surrounded by love.


Here’s hoping you get everything you wish form you list…and so much more!


Visit a Sears store near you for all of the excitement, or check out the digital edition of the Wishbook HERE!

Disclaimer: As a Brand Ambassador for Sears Canada, I’m happy to showcase some of the amazing products that Sears has in store. Follow them onTwitter,Facebook or Instagram for all of the latest news. As always, my opinions and stories are my own. 

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  1. The Wishbook was so important to childhood! I would look through it over and over. I remember there was always an unspoken rule that you didn’t ever bother asking for anything that would require batteries. I never got that Easy Bake oven! -Jenn